Website Design Strategy

Website Design Strategy – Have you ever wondered why a designer chose specific elements for a website design? Why colors? Why did you paint this flower? Why this spelling? If so, You’re in the right place today as we’re tearing down a recent website built as a prototype for Joy Filmz.

Joy Filmz captures the special moments of the wedding day and creates beautiful and personalized movies, professionally. A narrative and wedding video photography company. And the movies are so beautiful I literally cried while embedding them on his site. What can I say? I

Website Design Strategy

Website Design Strategy

The owner Trellany DIY created her original site, but after years of experience as a videographer. I felt her site didn’t exactly represent her brand and level of expertise. She wanted her website to match the luxury experience she provides to her couples and was very excited to build her new website on Squarespace.

The Role Of A Great Website In Your Business Marketing Strategy

Before starting with the design, the target audience; First you need to know the main objectives of the website and how the customer wants the website to feel. To get this information, her business mission values, target audience; design preferences; I sent out a design questionnaire that asked detailed questions about the desired feelings of design and project goals. She also provided a Pinterest board with a few images that represent her brand’s design aesthetic for inspiration.

Once the draft question is received, I took the time to read it thoroughly and reviewed all my notes from our previous emails and phone conversations. brand target market; project scope; Prepare a design brief that describes the objectives and design options; I use all of this information to make sure we are on the same page and to guide the website design.

Once Trellany approved the design brief, I started gathering ideas. I like to use Pinterest for this step. On a Pinterest board; A few pictures of Trellany hanging on her board; Her logo, Some of her brand pictures; We’ve included some web pages that we love, including wedding photos that fit the vibe and Trellany’s Said.

From a Pinterest board; I grabbed some images that fit the tone and design direction I wanted to go with the website design and added them to the mood board. I pulled some consistent colors from the image to create a color palette. Originally I chose four shades of each hue, but when I put the mood board together, A simple version with just five primary colors is the best across the board, so I stuck with just five shades. Then I added fonts, Defined text hierarchy; Buttons and graphics are selected. It’s a good framework to start with, but sometimes it changes a bit as you build the website.

How To Evaluate A Websites Design?

After confirming the mood board; I proceeded to build the website. setting up header and footer navigation; embedding content; Embedding demo footage and portfolio films; adding design elements; Customize the template with custom CSS code; adjusting mobile and tablet views; adjusting background settings; 17Hats lead generation and social media integrations; This part of the process takes about 2-3 weeks.

When building a website, My main goal is to make it easy to use; to facilitate accessibility and to meet the project objectives outlined in the design brief.

To make the Joy Filmz website easy to navigate and use; Title, multiple ways to go to each section. Provided on footer and main homepage.

Website Design Strategy

I kept the main navigation minimal with the most important pages and clear call-to-action buttons so as not to overwhelm website visitors with too many options.

Website Design Agency London: Website Design Services

As Instagram and Facebook become popular, they are trained to scroll. Therefore, I’ve kept the home page long and added several different sections that link to different pages of the website with call-to-action buttons.

Some people want to scroll straight to the bottom of the site; So I’ve added a full menu of all the web pages at the bottom.

Modern only a few Lots of white space for a luxurious feel. Created with whimsical images and small design graphics.

The website design went through two revisions to ensure it perfectly matched Trellany’s vision. After the edits were done, Trellany did a live video call to teach her how to use the new website. Then a beautiful (if I do say so myself) new website was launched into the world.

Why Work With Us?

“[Megan] has done an amazing job portraying my passion, work and professionalism through this website. I can’t thank her enough for her hard work.” …

Inspired by this post and ready to take your DIY site to the next level with a custom website?

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Website Design Strategy

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As the Sochi Olympics wind down, the past week has seen a shift in brand sponsors creating the strongest social interaction. Domestically, Visa had the biggest increase in social engagement over the past week. The process of web design is often thought of as simple, concerned only with visual and textual details. However, To create an effective and user-friendly website; You need to know all the steps of the web design process. In this article, Each part of the website explains how to do it according to your business goals.

Website Design Strategy

The first thing we want to make clear is that website design should be part of your company’s global strategy. Websites should be more than tasteful and attractive. Your Services; Products and branding need to be introduced through text and images. Follow these steps to create an outstanding website design.

Website Design And Development

In this first step, You need to define the ultimate goal of your website design. Questions to ask at this stage are:

It is an important part of the web designing process. By answering these questions comprehensively; You will be able to set the right path for your project. At this stage, You develop user personas, write creative briefs, and perform competitor analysis.

After the search phase, project schedule; Scoping is essential to plan the number of employees and the budget. Clients modify the project; It can influence the expansion and design process. This creates problems for designers as their scope of work increases. However, Great expectations are not always matched by great costs. The project became irrational.

Embrace when you create a clearly defined project scope.

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