Web Hosting Vs Domain

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To create a website, you need both: your domain name is your website’s permanent address on the Internet, and web hosting is the engine that keeps your website running.

Web Hosting Vs Domain

Web Hosting Vs Domain

In this post, we’ll explain the difference in more detail and give you some tips on how to get started with domain names and web hosting.

Websites Explained] The Difference Between A Domains Vs. Hosting

Your website consists of several files, folders and data. In order for visitors to view your website, this information must be hosted on a server (

), which visitors have access to. This is where web hosting servers come into play. They store your website files for a small fee and give visitors access to them.

If you want to understand how to host a website, you should know that a web server is a bit like a home computer, but it is designed specifically to host websites. It is always on and always connected to the Internet.

A domain name is the address of your website on the Internet that helps visitors find you. Examples of domain names are Google.com, Yahoo.com, . In a previous post, we explained in more detail what domain names are and how they work.

What Is A Domain Name? Domains Explained For Beginners

Domain names make it easier for users to remember the name of a website. This is one of the reasons why it is important to choose the right name for your website.

Now that you know the difference, let’s talk about where to buy domain names and web hosting.

One of the reasons people confuse a domain name with web hosting is that they are often both offered by the same service provider. And this is a good practice because:

Web Hosting Vs Domain

Bluehost is one such company that offers a one-stop solution for all your web hosting requirements. With a special introductory offer of $2.59. US per month, you get a free domain for one year, a free SSL certificate and a one-click WordPress installation.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Services (2022 Deals)

Some people prefer to register their domain name and web hosting separately. The reason may be:

You can buy a domain name from a domain name registrar for as little as $10 and use it with any hosting company. Once you purchase and register a domain name, it is yours for the duration of the registration (

When choosing a registrar, check their additional services such as WhoIs privacy, support and reminders before choosing. If you choose any country-specific extension, such as “.uk” or “.ca”, you may need to contact the registrar in that country.

Nowadays, there are many hosting providers that rent server space for a reasonable monthly/annual subscription. When it comes to shared hosting, some of the popular ones are:

What’s The Difference Between A Domain Name And Web Hosting?

Domain names and web hosting are not the same thing. However, you need to create a website and put it online for visitors. To sum up:

For the easiest way to get started with both, you can use Bluehost. Bluehost is a popular web host that also allows you to purchase a domain name (and even provides a free domain name for the first year).

Still have questions about your domain name and web hosting? Ask us in the comments!

Web Hosting Vs Domain

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Types Of Web Hosting: A Helpful Guide

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What Is Web Hosting: Web Hosting Defined

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Our web hosting provides you with a free domain name, easy-to-use tools, and fast and reliable storage and applications.

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Web Hosting Vs Domain

Our dashboard and dashboard are easy to use, supported by video tutorials and a large knowledge base.

Domain Name Vs Web Hosting Vs Website Difference Explained

Use over 400 free apps to build or expand your website: from shopping carts to blogs, we’ve got it all.

Your website and Google will love you. Our servers are designed to give you the best hosting experience, including fast download speeds.

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We take safety seriously. Our servers have advanced security features, firewalls and intrusion detection systems. All hosting is secured by a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

What’s The Difference Between Domain Name And Web Hosting (explained)

Uses solid state drives (SSDs) for data storage. This means a much faster loading speed for your website hosting. If your server can render your website at lightning speed, it will help improve the user experience on your website. This includes more time spent on the site, more interaction, more page views, ultimately achieving the goal you set for your website, be it sales, sharing experiences, etc.

SSDs are three times faster than traditional HDDs (hard disk drives) that were used to store data. Some web hosting providers still rely on them at the risk of losing their customers’ data, as hard drives are not only slower, but also much less reliable. doesn’t compromise on quality when it comes to our customers’ data and hosting experience.

SSL certificates are absolutely essential if you want your website to be considered secure. Google is merciless to websites that don’t have SSL: not only will it affect your website’s search ranking, but your visitors will also get a warning when they enter your website that it’s not secure.

Web Hosting Vs Domain

SSL certificates are necessary because they encrypt the data exchange between your website and the visitor’s browser, making it impossible for hackers to access that data. This is especially important if you store customer credit card information. For a complete website hosting experience, we provide you with a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate absolutely free!

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A content distribution network (CDN) is a network of geographically distributed servers. The purpose of a CDN is to deliver content to the Internet much faster. If a user in Toronto tries to access your website, the server closest to them will take care of it. But someone visiting your website from Sydney, Australia will be served by the server closest to them. The primary hosting server contains your website content and all other servers have a cached version.

Not only do CDNs help keep your website stable by distributing traffic between different servers, they can also help prevent cyber attacks. If a hacker tries to

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