Web Hosting Namecheap

Web Hosting Namecheap – Are you a beginner and want to get a website but don’t have enough budget, so are you in the right place? By following this guide, you will get the cheapest web hosting for your WordPress site. We offer Namecheap Web Hosting which is available and cheap worldwide. So let’s dive in and learn more about how to buy hosting from Namecheap.

Namecheap has been one of the best and cheapest domain and web hosting providers in the world since 2000. Namecheap Web Hosting is the largest domain registrar with over 10 million registrations and under management. So Namecheap is among the best domain registrars and web hosting. In the guide, you will learn how to get cheap Namecheap web hosting with 50% discount.

Web Hosting Namecheap

Web Hosting Namecheap

Isn’t Namecheap the cheapest? Then you can also consider Hostinger from $0.99 per month and GoDaddy from $1 per month. Step 1: Go to Namecheap

Cpanel Control Panel Overview

The first step is to switch to the cheapest Namecheap web hosting by clicking here or on the image below.

Now you need to choose your domain name. A domain name is your website name or brand identity. You can use an existing domain name if you already have one or from another provider.

You can get a new domain name. Just enter the desired domain name in the search field and select a suitable domain name, then click Connect to Hosting.

Once you’ve chosen your domain name and hosting, you should see a bar below that lists your domain and hosting information. Click the Add to Cart button to proceed to the next step.

Web Hosting Archives

In this step, Namecheap will ask you to create a new account on their website or log into your account if you already have one.

Enter your account information, such as name and email address, and click Create Account. Once you’ve signed up or logged in, you’re ready to pay for Namecheap web hosting.

In this step, enter your payment details. You can pay by credit/debit card, PayPal or account funds. Enter your full card or payment details and click Continue. After reviewing your order and payment information, click Pay.

Web Hosting Namecheap

Namecheap processes your order and payment within a second and displays a confirmation where you can see your order details and also download your receipt.

Namecheap Hosting Review

Namecheap will email you your login details and order details. With these credentials, you can manage your Namecheap account and run your website. So you buy a domain name and web hosting from Namecheap.

If you don’t like Namecheap Web Hosting plans, then here is a list of other reputable and affordable web hosting providers in the market.

Namecheap is the #1 domain registrar and the cheapest web hosting provider. Its performance, security and live chat support are perfect. So don’t hesitate to start your website with Namecheap Web Hosting Now. You can also check out other products from Namecheap as well as EasyWP which offers premium WordPress web hosting from $1.

To learn more about WordPress website development, follow the instructions in the Namecheap Tutorial. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and subscribe to our newsletter for more tips and tricks and our latest updates. Write your comment and suggestion in the comment box below or contact us.

Namecheap 25% Off Vps And Email Hosting Coupons

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I am an affiliate marketer with links to online sellers on my website. When people read what I wrote about a particular product and then click on those links and buy something from the seller, I get a commission from the seller. Domain names are the name of the game at Namecheap (sorry, couldn’t resist), with over seven million under their control.

Web Hosting Namecheap

We’ve seen this story before; Hosting A is good at X, so they use their brand name and deep pockets to bundle new services at Y. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good at it.

Namecheap To Hostinger

Were they able to replicate the success of their domain name in the new arena? Or do they only trade in their name? (Toy definitely intended.)

We signed up for their hosting service, bought the cheapest plan, and created a test site to monitor performance stats like availability and speed.

Unmetered Bandwidth, 20 GB SSD Space, 30 Email Accounts, SpamAssassin, Backups, Google Apps, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Three Hosted Domains, Website Builder, Free CDN, Free SSL

Namecheap excels in domain names. So it makes sense that they’d be happy to throw one in if you sign up for their hosting plan. However, it is only free for the first year. Then you have to pay the domain renewal fee. For example, for .com it is $7.98/year.

Namecheap Review: A Top Domain Registrar

If you already have a website set up elsewhere, they will also help you migrate the service for free. For a full cPanel migration, Namecheap guarantees to do it in less than 24 hours with no more than 15 minutes of downtime. If they fail (or you’re not completely satisfied with how the migration went), they’ll credit your account with the value of your first shared hosting purchase.

After serviceability, the second most important criterion is speed. The reason this is so important is that speed is directly correlated to visitor satisfaction.

Google recently found that if your page loads within six seconds, the likelihood of someone bouncing increases by more than 100%.

Web Hosting Namecheap

So yes, you need your website to stay alive. If this site is slow, that’s almost as bad. Your site may be down because people will be leaving it in droves.

Namecheap Vs Godaddy

Namecheap was able to post an average page speed of 315ms over the last 6 months, easily placing them in the top 10 fastest hosts we reviewed.

Namecheap offers a rock-solid 30-day money-back guarantee. You have a whole month to find out if their service is right for you. Otherwise, it’s not too late to back out and try something else.

And for each of these, we usually sign up for the most basic plan to set up our test site.

In other words – it allows us to compare apples to apples (mostly). Each shared menu is quite similar and each offers the same features.

Namecheap Vs Bluehost:

They first offered unmetered bandwidth on their cheapest plan. They also give you access to standard features like cPanel access and applications like WordPress.

The best thing about their cheapest offer is that you get 50 MySQL databases (which is way more than most companies offer at a similar level).

Additionally, you can create three websites on this plan. Most entry-level hosting plans only allow you to host one website. This is great value if you have multiple websites, such as business and personal.

Web Hosting Namecheap

We always like to get input from existing customers to ensure that each review is not just based on our own isolated experience.

Namecheap Hosting Coupon Oct 2022: 55% Off Hosting All Plans, Free .tlds Domain Name

For example, they have a solid 4.7 star rating on Shopper Reviewed. It is said to be backed by over a million reviews.

Namecheap offers customer support through ticketing and live chat. They also have an extensive help center where you can browse their knowledge base, blog, and several different guides and videos.

We asked a few questions about their shared hosting plans and site migrations, and the customer support representative was knowledgeable and quick to respond.

And if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that one of the categories hasn’t appeared yet.

Namecheap Review: Good With Domain. How About Hosting?

Their shared VPS and reseller servers are located in Phoenix, Arizona, and their UK data centers are in Nottingham.

That’s not much. Especially compared to some hosts who have more than 20 data centers around the world.

Uptime is one of the most important criteria to look for in a host, and it’s something we always test.

Web Hosting Namecheap

Unfortunately, Namecheap has delivered a poor 99.89% uptime over the past 6 months. It almost meets the minimum uptime criteria between 99.91% and 99.93%, but for now we have to keep it in our cons.

Web Hosting Company Namecheap Launches Free ‘autobackup’ Solution

These prices apply when you sign up to Namecheap for two years. If you choose the annual plan, the monthly price would be $1.48/month and the monthly option would cost you $4.48/month.

They got off to a pretty good start. Existing customers seem to like it, and the fact that their cheapest plan is comparable to the highest tier of most other companies looks promising.

However, we wish they had more data centers to choose from, and the uptime is too uneven for us.

Have you had any positive or negative experiences with Namecheap hosting? If so, please give us an honest and transparent review!

Namecheap Email Hosting Starter Plan (for 30 Days)

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I have been a namecheap customer for ten years. Three days ago my gmail stopped working. I thought I was hacked. Namecheap was useless

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