Web Hosting Microsoft

Web Hosting Microsoft – This reference architecture demonstrates proven practices for improving scalability and performance in an Azure App Services web application.

Your needs may differ from the architecture described here Use the suggestions in this section as a starting point

Web Hosting Microsoft

Web Hosting Microsoft

We recommend that you create the web application and web API as separate App Service applications This design allows you to run separate software service plans so that they can be connected independently. If you don’t need that level of expansion initially, you can deploy programs on the same plan and move them to different plans later if needed.

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For Basic, Standard, Premium and Exclusive plans, you are billed per VM instance per plan, not per application. Check software service pricing

You can improve performance and redundancy by using Azure Cache for Redis to cache some data. Consider using Azure Cache for Redis:

Use Azure CDN to cache static content The main advantage of a CDN is to reduce the time it takes for users, because the content is stored on an edge server that is geographically closer to the user. A CDN can also reduce the load on the application, because that traffic is not handled by the application

If your app has many static pages, consider using a CDN to cache the entire app Alternatively, store static content such as images, CSS, and HTML files in Azure Storage and use a CDN to cache those files.

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Modern applications often process large amounts of data To add cloud, it is important to choose the right type of storage Here are some basic recommendations

The main advantage of Azure App Service is the ability to scale your application according to load Here are some things to keep in mind when planning to add your application

If your solution includes several software service programs, consider deploying them to separate software service plans. This method allows you to connect them independently because they run in different modes

Web Hosting Microsoft

Database sharding refers to partitioning a database horizontally Sharding allows you to scale the database horizontally using Elastic Database tools. Potential benefits of partitioning include:

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The frontend can offload SSL and also reduce the total TCP connection to the backend web application This improves robustness because the web application handles a small amount of handshakes for SSL and TCP connections This performance benefit applies even if you send requests to the web application as HTTPS due to the high level of connection reuse

Azure Search removes the scope of complex data searches from underlying data stores, and can scale to handle the load Check resource levels for query and index workloads in Azure Search

This section lists security issues that are specific to the Azure services described in this article This is not an exhaustive list of security best practices for web applications For additional security issues, see Secure apps in Azure App Services

Configure the application to only accept traffic from the front door This ensures that all traffic goes through the WAF before reaching the application For more information, see How do I restrict access to my backend to only Azure Frontdoor?

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If you build the website and web API as separate applications, the website cannot make client-side AJAX calls to the API unless you enable CORS.

Browser security prevents a web page from making AJAX requests to another domain This restriction is called the single-origin policy, and it prevents malicious websites from reading sensitive data from other websites. CORS is a W3C standard that allows servers to relax the single-origin policy and allow some requests from different products while denying others.

Application services have built-in CORS support without the need to write any application code See Use an API program from JavaScript using CORS Add the website to the list of allowed API origins

Web Hosting Microsoft

Use clear data encryption if data must be encrypted at rest in the database This feature performs real-time encryption and decryption of the entire database (including backups and transaction log files) and requires no changes to the software. Encryption does not add time, so it is good practice to isolate data that needs to be protected in its own database and enable encryption only for that database.

How To Host A Static Website In Microsoft Azure

Use caching to reduce the load on servers serving content that is frequently served Each page cycle can affect costs because it uses compute, memory, and bandwidth Those costs can be significantly reduced through savings, especially for static content services, such as single-page JavaScript applications and streaming content.

If your application contains static content, use a CDN to reduce the load on the backend server For data that doesn’t change frequently, use Azure Cache for Redis

Stateless apps configured for automated testing are more expensive than standard apps For an ASP.NET application that uses session state, cache it with Azure Cache for Redis For more information, see ASP.NET Session Provider for Azure Cache for Redis Another option is to use Azure Cosmos DB as the backend state store via the session state provider. See Use Azure Cosmos DB as ASP.NET Session State and Cache Provider

Consider placing the function in a dedicated application service program so that background tasks are not running in the same context as those handling HTTP requests. If background tasks run frequently, consider using a usage plan, which charges based on the number of executions and resources used rather than hours. This reference architecture demonstrates a serverless web application The application serves static content from Azure Blob storage and executes APIs using Azure Functions. The API reads data from Azure Cosmos DB and returns results to the web application

Choose The Right Azure Hosting Option

Two reference implementations of this architecture are available on GitHub: Drone Delivery App (RM and Azure Pipeline) and TwoApps (Bicep and GitHub Actions).

Both definitions share the same idea that developers and DevOps staff are not required to deploy, configure, or manage servers. This reference architecture focuses on FaaS using Azure Functions, although serving web content from Azure Blob storage would be an example of BaaS. Some of the key features of FaaS are:

Actions are executed when an external trigger occurs, such as an HTTP request or a message arriving on a queue. This makes the event-driven architectural style natural for serverless architectures. To coordinate functions between components in an architecture, consider using message brokers or bars/subpatterns. For help choosing between Azure messaging technologies, see Choose between Azure Messaging Services.

Web Hosting Microsoft

Blob storage Static web content, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, is stored in Azure Blob storage and served to customers using static web hosting. All dynamic interactions are done through JavaScript code calling backend APIs There is no server-side code to render web pages Static web hosting supports index scripts and custom 404 error pages

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CDN Use Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) to cache content as well as provide an HTTPS endpoint for low latency and fast content delivery.

Azure Functions is an alternative for professional serverless computing It uses an event-driven model, where a code (“task”) is invoked by a trigger. In this architecture, the function is called when the client sends an HTTP request Requests are always routed through the API gateway described below

API Management Azure API Management provides an API gateway that sits in front of an HTTP task You can use API Management to publish and manage APIs used by client applications Using a gateway helps isolate the front-end application from the back-end API For example, API management can rewrite URLs, modify requests before they reach the endpoint, and set request or response headers.

If you don’t need all the functionality provided by API Management, another option is to use functional proxies. This feature of Azure Functions allows you to define a single API interface for multiple functions by creating backend functions. Performance agents can also make changes to HTTP requests and responses However, they do not offer the same policy-based capabilities of API management

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Azure Cosmos DB Azure Cosmos DB is a multi-instance database service In this case, in response to an HTTP GET request from the client, Azure Cosmos retrieves the document from the DB.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Users sign in to the web application using their Azure AD credentials Azure AD returns an API access token, which the web application uses to authenticate API requests (see Authentication).

Azure Monitor Azure Monitor collects performance metrics about the Azure services deployed in the solution You can gain visibility into the health of the solution by viewing it on the dashboard It also collected prayer logs

Web Hosting Microsoft

Azure Pipeline Azure Pipeline is a continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) service that builds, tests, and deploys applications.

Microsoft Partner Agreement Term Steps

GitHub Actions A workflow is an automated process (CI/CD) that you deploy to your GitHub repository With Workflow you can build, test, install, release, or deploy any project on GitHub.

Azure Functions supports two hosting models With a utility program, computing power is automatically allocated as your code runs

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