Web Hosting Google Workspace

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We use a variety of SaaS products here to keep everything running smoothly in a seamless environment and improve the productivity of our team. One thing we don’t have is Google Workspace! We’re not afraid to come out and say it’s the best email solution on the market right now for your business. 👍 Not to mention other features that come with it, such as Google Drive storage and tools like Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Web Hosting Google Workspace

Web Hosting Google Workspace

Today we’ll look at the unique benefits of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), why we use it and recommend it to all of our clients, and how it compares to other similar solutions on the market. .

Add Your Google Workspace Domain

Google Workspace is Google’s smart app. It was previously known as Google Apps, until it was rebranded in late 2016. We highly recommend Google Workspace to customers who need email for their business. However, Google Workspace is not just about email. It also includes various programs and features that can be very useful. In fact, you may already be using or know some of them.

Google Workspace has three different plans that you can use (which we’ll get to later). We use basic Google Workspace plans for our employees here. It starts at just $5/smoker/month. For most of you, a basic plan is what you’ll want. These include:

According to Litmus, Gmail leads the way as the most popular email client, with a 26 percent market share based on open rates. This is not surprising because Gmail has been around since 2004 and now has more than 1.2 billion users. One of the best things about Google Workspace is that you get an advanced ad-free version of the web client you’re probably already using.

Google Workspace allows your employees to set up their Gmail accounts with an email address with your business domain name (for example: [email protected]). A small business with one or two users can have free Gmail accounts with a few aliases + forwarding rules. But once you start hiring two or three employees, you’ll find yourself running out of accounts that can be managed separately.

Google Workspace Launches At Hostinger

Now none of us can live without Google Calendar. Many of us rely on them to schedule calls with clients and reminders of due dates and important tasks. Google Calendar can help you organize your schedule.

One of the best things about using Google Calendar in Google Workspace is the ability to create multiple calendars that everyone in your company can access (or a small group of users). For example, you may want to have a team calendar for events such as team vacations and regular meetings. Connecting all your employees to one organization makes tasks like this much easier compared to the free version.

Google Drive lets you store, access and share your files in one secure place. So you can find them easily from any device. The Google Workspace Basic plan comes with 30GB of storage per employee. The Business, Enterprise, and Teams editions of Google Workspace come with unlimited storage space, so you’ll always have enough space to store your files. Note: If you are a small group with less than 5 users, you only get 1TB/user.

Web Hosting Google Workspace

If you’ve never used Google Drive before, one of the best features we love is the amazing search feature! However, this is perhaps not surprising since they also run the largest search engine in the world. Did you know that you can search based on the content of a document (including file name)? Simple enough. This means you can easily find what you’re looking for, no matter how disorganized you are. 😉

The 6 Best Email Hosting Services Of 2022

The paid version of Google Drive gives you double the storage of your free Personal Drive and Gmail, 24/7 support, sharing controls, and advanced reporting.

Google Docs and Google Sheets speak for themselves and are tools we use every day. You can also import Google Docs into WordPress. They allow you to create and edit documents and spreadsheets in your browser. Import your documents for instant editing, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF files (.docx, .doc, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, xlsx, .csv, .html, .ods). As of February 2018, you can contribute and comment on Microsoft Office files without having to convert them to Google format.

You can also export to popular third-party brands. This makes it easy to interact with other people or companies and send files back and forth, without having to install or buy additional software.

One of the best things about Google Docs and Spreadsheets is the real comments and unlimited types. Previous versions are stored forever and do not take over your storage. This makes it easier to track changes that have been made or to correct errors. Sharing documents with friends or other people is very easy.

Hosting Service Provider And Authorized Google Workspace Reseller

Google Cap seems to be one of the best kept secrets that nobody knows about. If you’re looking for an Evernote alternative, Google Keep Rock! This is a very small tool even if you are using Google Workspace. Being a Google product, it works well in the Google ecosystem.

This can be a simple way to put the frequently asked questions you get from customers in one easy place. Set schedules, notes, and reminders to stay on track. Everything is compatible across all your devices, so what’s important is always within reach. Easily share with your team and save when you’re done. And Google search also works flawlessly.

The Google Workspace Admin Console allows business owners to manage everything from one place. It has been updated and is much better than the previous version of Google Apps.

Web Hosting Google Workspace

Add new people and groups, configure devices, configure security settings (like 2-factor authentication), add new domains for your business that can be used on Gmail.

Google Workspace: Connect Domain To Google Workspace

Most, if not all features in Google Workspace must be enabled by an administrator to use them. Some of them are only available in higher plans. If an item is not enabled and the user tries to access it, they will see a “not found” message (as shown below).

Here are some extras that we don’t use often, but you might be interested in:

How does G Suite compare? Ability to manage things effectively behind the scenes. Try it for free.

It’s also important to keep in mind some of the features of the Google Workspace Business and Enterprise plans. If you are a large business and rely heavily on email, this can help reduce your stress.

Set Up A Professional Email Address With Gmail And Google Workspace

While all of the above is great, it’s time to tap into some of the benefits of using Google Workspace for your business.

It is not recommended to host your email with the same company you use to host WordPress. This is why we do not and will not provide email addresses to our customers (with the exception of Google Workspace My. 🤫) We explain the reasons in detail here. But we give you a summary of why below:

So, as you can see, going with a third party email hosting service is beneficial for your business.

Web Hosting Google Workspace

Although Google Workspace accounts do not have SMTP limits, for those of you who are sending thousands of emails per month, we do not recommend sending them bulk emails or commercial emails (purchases, registrations, password resets, etc.). You can read a laundry list of their bulk shipping tips. For these types of emails we recommend the following email addresses:

Ipage Google Workspace Email Hosting (for 30 Days)

If you’re young and just starting out, don’t worry about your sales emails until you start sending out a lot of books. You can start with Google Workspace for everything and get better. Also, some providers like Mailgun above, allow you to send up to 10,000 emails per month for free. So most of the time, it’s not extra money. And then there is the cost of sending additional emails. Read more about email marketing, SMTP ports, and free SMPT servers for WordPress.

Then you have marketing emails, like newsletters. The same applies here. You often want to use another provider because of the best delivery rates and list building tools, A/B testing, and more. Here are some of our recommendations:

Some of the vendors listed above also use email marketing and mention it on their website. So in some cases, you can combine your email service with a marketing email. Read more about email marketing software.

The biggest advantage of going with Google Workspace for your business is that many of your employees are probably already used to using things like Gmail for email and Google Docs. This makes it

Pros And Cons Of Google Workspace For Your Business

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