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We’re excited to launch the new Pro Hub, an experience completely tailored for the unique needs of web designers, developers and freelancers. But if you’re one of those people (we call them web developers), you might as well just leave,

Web Hosting Godaddy

Web Hosting Godaddy

And you would be right. Pro has been around, in one form or another, for several years. If you stick to the black and white definition, the Pro is nothing new.

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Built by and for web designers and developers, Pro allows users to manage all of their clients’ websites from a centralized location known as the Hub. These pages may be located on or elsewhere. Hub lets you manage them all!

Pro Hub makes it easy to access each client’s website from a single dashboard with a single login. Designers and developers have the option to perform bulk updates on all of their clients’ websites at once, making website management faster and more convenient. From updating WordPress plugins to backups and site performance assessments, Pro puts all these tools at your fingertips in one convenient hub.

Within the family, the Pro is clearly its own. It’s an app, a platform and a community. We built Pro from the ground up to not only meet your needs, but to help you achieve even greater success.

Look vs. Pro offers web hosting and domains to those who want to create a website. On the other hand, Pro focuses on managing multiple websites on behalf of multiple clients.

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While users are usually people who want to build a single website or a few websites, Pro is aimed at professionals who manage 10-25 to even 100 or more websites.

Now that you understand the differences between and Pro, as well as their respective reseller programs, let’s take a second to dive deeper into Hub by Pro.

Pro Hub includes access to every client and their website from a single dashboard. The hub includes features such as bulk WordPress updates, customer shopping carts, and uptime monitoring. It is specially designed to reduce the time required for routine tasks.

Web Hosting Godaddy

Pro Hub eases the burden of site management by allowing you to publish bulk updates to all of your clients’ sites instead of having to do them one by one. This frees up more time for more creative work that you love to do. It also makes for happier clients who can rest assured that their websites won’t experience downtime and will be up to date (ummm…literally in some cases) with the latest updates.

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Even better, you can do it all with a single login. You have work to do! You don’t want to be trying to remember passwords for every website your clients go to. The Hub lets you get up and running and keep your clients’ sites running smoothly.

People who use Report Hub save an average of three hours per month for each page they maintain for clients. How much does Pro cost?

Pro is free. There is no catch! The Pro subscription gives you access to the Hub and more features designed to streamline your workload and manage more client websites in less time. From our project management features to site management tools, everything is included with your free Pro membership.

Some programs, such as the Pro Reseller Program and Pro Membership, may have additional costs or fees. Although Pro is free, users can purchase a number of premium products on behalf of customers. Professional memberships also include 30% off eligible purchases.*

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If you’ve ever used Pro to manage sites, things may look familiar when you log into Pro and look at the Hub. This is understandable. It turns out that Pro quickly gained popularity and is in growing demand from a user base with broader needs.

Through interviews with real-world website designers and developers, we understood the problems and tasks they face every day. Our product roadmap is full of new features that we will be rolling out over the next few years.

The new experience should be more intuitive and seamless, but there is much more to come and we are committed to bringing the vision to life. (You should seriously check it out.)

Web Hosting Godaddy

Not a member yet? It’s easy to become a Pro member. You can register for free and create your account in minutes.

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Yes, it’s very simple! Once you get to grips with the Hub and all the cool new tools at your fingertips, you’ll be able to manage all your client sites like a pro, with the touch of a button. Get started today and sign up to become a Pro member for free.

For web designers, managing clients and websites is one of the most important (and difficult to rationalize) aspects of the job. If you don’t understand how to do this effectively, it becomes a huge waste of time and a source of frustration. But if you do it right, it’s a fast track to steady income and business scalability. Simply put: better customer and website management means more money.

Sure, we’re probably preaching to the choir. If you’ve been building websites for any length of time, you know this to be true. In that case, you’re probably looking for a better way to do it. For the second part of this webinar series, we’ve brought in veteran WordPresser and Community Event Manager Sandy Edwards to show you the Pro Dashboard and explain how it can streamline your process

One of the most important features of Pro is the ability to connect directly to a user account. You can use this link to request delegated access to manage domains and products or make purchases on their behalf, depending on the level of access your user has granted.

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“… you simplify the management of your clients and you can really be sure that when you launch this site, you already have access to the domain.” Some other benefits of managing clients in Pro:

Sometimes you need to allow more people to access the WordPress admin area, especially if you run an agency or outsource work. Pro solves this by providing one-click access to the WordPress admin panel of each linked website.

You can add contributors to your Pro account and give them access to specific pages to allow them to use WP admin access with one click. It’s the perfect way to work together without having to share passwords.

Web Hosting Godaddy

As an agency, WordPress updates, themes and plugins are your bread and butter. Pro offers convenient upgrade features to make the maintenance aspect of your business website scalable.

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Update all WordPress plugins, themes or core for each linked site at once. Or you can check which ones you want to update at once and update others individually.

We’ve all done it. You run updates on all the plugins and themes on your WordPress sites only to find that something went wrong along the way. Secure updates ensure you can roll back if something goes wrong.

Regular backups are an essential part of managing any website. You never want to be stuck in a position where a website is down or damaged beyond repair and your last backup was many months (and many changes) ago. A simple solution to this is to schedule backups using the Pro Control Panel.

With these options, you can create different levels of website maintenance plans. Sandy worked for a company that provided daily backups for their entry level maintenance plans, but backed up every 6 hours for their higher tier plans.

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Premium backups are only $2 per month per site, allowing you to make more money with tiered plans.

Your customers pay you because they trust the value you provide. The easiest way to reaffirm this value is to provide a regular report to show them what they are getting.

You can set different intervals for reports: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You can also choose which plugins to show your clients in the report.

Web Hosting Godaddy

There are several ways to customize user reports. Sandy’s favorite feature is the custom notes area, which you can use to write notes about anything you did during the reporting period and it gets added to the report.

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By now you have familiarized yourself with the basic features for managing websites. There are a few more features in Pro that you can use to take things up a notch and really grow your business.

“One of the things when it comes to big work is the ability to manage all the pages and maintain them

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