Web Hosting For Students

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As a student, the biggest disappointment is the student discount. These days, from salads to Spotify, I think there are student discounts. Fortunately, web hosting is no different. If you’re planning to get started with your next WordPress or Snapchat, this student web hosting list is the perfect place to start.

Web Hosting For Students

Web Hosting For Students

This is because some hosts offer competitive pricing, expanded feature sets, tools and language options, leaving room for developers, designers, and marketers to grow.

Best Web Hosting For Students 2022

In addition, you are free to build websites, applications and information in your field. In addition to saving money, you can develop the skills you need to find a lucrative job.

We encourage all students to stop by GitHub and sign up for the Student Pack. It comes with great offers for students, including domain names, courses, and free premium WordPress themes like Neve.

There are few things in life that are better than free hosting. 000webhost is one of the most popular free web hosting options. Impressed by our review, Hostinger is behind a project that brings security and confidence. 000webhost also gives you the ability to run a fully functional website where you can practice your skills.

Recommended plan: Free web hosting that is completely free. You can upgrade to shared hosting for $0.79/month.

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Although the features may seem simple, it is important to remember that this is a free host. Even if it’s a host that hopes to test you in development at some point. But on the other hand, you cannot place ads on your host site, which is a common trade-off with free hosting.

You can also build your site using WordPress or the provided website builder. In fact, you can do more with 000webhost than the free WordPress.com plan. For example, all plans at 000webhost come with the latest versions of Canal and PHP. Finally, you can add any CSS you want.

On the other hand, 000webhost is only recommended as a “web hosting for student projects” option, as exceeding the limit can suspend the site and permanently delete data. If you need a hosting set that can handle your next hacking idea, read on.

Web Hosting For Students

Namecheap started out as a domain registrar but has evolved into a reliable and affordable hosting provider. In fact, they recently got 8.17 from users in their annual hosting review. Some of the secrets to Namecheap’s popularity are its monthly payment options and free domains for the first year.

Best Web Hosting For Students & Teachers (2022)

Recommended plan: Stellar shared hosting, which costs $1.44/month for the first year. The second year renews at $2.88/month. You can also pay at $2.88/month per month.

Like most hosts, Namecheap lets you install Softaculous with a single click through its channels. As a result, you can easily install popular content management systems like WordPress or forums like MyBB with the click of a button.

Namecheap also offers a variety of free and paid website building tools, including CDN, uptime monitoring, and paid legal advice. They offer website builders, but they don’t compare to the currently available WordPress page builders.

Primarily for shared hosting packages, Namecheap provides blocked root access to shared servers you set up via Canal. However, only basic commands can be used within the directory.

Host Your Website On Azure Static Web Apps For Free

Finally, Namecheap provides the ability to create applications using Node.js, Python, Perl, and Ruby. So, you can use shared hosting to host your web applications at an affordable price.

Although InMotion Hosting is a longtime US host, they are best known for their WordPress hosting options. However, it also offers powerful shared hosting options that consistently outperform the most popular hosts. We also offer student discount rates for strong hosting businesses.

Suggested Plans: The Shared Power plan costs $4.16/mo for 12 months or $4.99/mo for 6 months. There is no additional cost to upgrade as long as you are still a student.

Web Hosting For Students

Overall, InMotion Hosting offers a variety of features and security for building websites and web applications. Also, like Namecheap, InMotion Hosting offers Pearl, Python, and Ruby. However, when combined with SSH and WP-CLI, they also offer Ruby on Rails in the student deal, which offers the best option of all shared hosting packages.

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If you are looking to build a website, InMotion Hosting offers the BoldGrid site builder with WordPress. You can also choose to have WordPress, PrestaShop, or Joomla pre-installed.

A2 Hosting is another host that flies under the radar when people talk about hosting. But if you’re looking for a flexible way to host your website at an affordable price, the Virtual Private Server (VPS) option gives you unprecedented control over your server configuration.

Recommended plan: The starting price for the Dynamic VPS plan is $5.00/month for 12 months. There is no additional charge for updates.

A2 Hosting offers a great package for anyone with experience building their own servers. Therefore, this package is suitable for students with managerial experience or courage. The servers are completely untouched and Canal shouldn’t cause any problems (although they provide Webuzo installation documentation for Softaculus).

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To give you a good spin, you have full control over your server, including its configuration. You can add more cores, bandwidth, and storage whenever you want. For example, one principle adds $1 to your monthly plan.

If you’re a developer, you can do anything with the A2 Hosting system, whether it’s reboots, shutdown control, on-demand OS changes, and more.

There are only three options for student cloud hosting: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud. Fortunately, they all offer student-only packages, so you can use them for test flights.

Web Hosting For Students

We especially recommend Google Cloud because it has a smooth learning curve and a great set of tools. We also considered the existing free tier, and Google Cloud currently has the most generous limits of the three major cloud providers.

Free WordPress Hosting For Students

Recommended Plan: The Student Plan is free. You also get a US $50 credit for every Google Cloud product use. Credits are renewed every 12 months. You also get a free course on Coursera, 200 Qwiklabs credits, and a discount on Google Certificates.

As mentioned earlier, this is a small sample of Google Cloud’s general free tier. You have access to tools that improve performance, such as Google’s Machine Learning, Speech to Text, Kubernetes Engine, and AI. But it’s easy to go over the limit quickly. Fortunately, Google has a cloud service calculator to help you get the most out of your credits.

Heroku is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build and host web applications. First, it offers a standard free option to anyone who wants to start managing web applications. And equally important, there are suggestions in the GitHub student pack.

Recommended Plan: When you sign up for GitHub, you can use the Hobby Plan for free for two years. After 2 years, renew at $84/year or revert to the free plan.

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Not only does Heroku offer a great feature set, but it also provides a secure server environment. In addition, Heroku runs all applications on ‘Dynos’, a Linux appliance that provides all computing resources, memory resources, an OS and a temporary file system needed to run the applications.

For this reason, Heroku is a popular choice for beginners. Beginners can also benefit from more than 200 additional AWS file storage, data visualization, database response times, and more. In the same way, buttons and buildpacks are rich enough to help you connect to third-party services while keeping the build process successful.

The best web hosting for students ultimately depends on what you want to achieve.

Web Hosting For Students

All hosts will have the best opportunity to build, maintain and deliver their projects. It could be the difference between getting a job or shooting a gun.

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Any tips for finding great student web hosting? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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