Web Hosting For Photographers

Web Hosting For Photographers – Are you a bit of a tech whiz? Does the thought of building a website give you chills? To get started, you need the best domain name for a photography website to help you stand out from the crowd. If you’re getting ready to build a website and trying to avoid all the rookie mistakes, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll walk you through the most important things to consider BEFORE building a new website or starting a site redesign.

I get it, this marketing and website content is confusing, and let’s face it – it’s not why you like photography. I’ll do my best to make domain names and website hosting easy for photographers and give you practical tips to help you get your website up and running.

Web Hosting For Photographers

Web Hosting For Photographers

In this day and age where there are so many social media sites and so many different places to showcase your photos online, is having a website still a big deal? The short answer: YES.

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The problem with showing your work on social media is that you don’t have space. You have little control over how it looks and functions, and you’re essentially part of the noise—all of which make it difficult to compete for a potential customer’s attention. This is why domain names and hosting for photographers are so important. Think of social media sites as one of your methods of advertising and your website as the best way to showcase your work. Think of it as your online wallet, if you will.

But before you can build a website, you need a name. On the web it’s called a domain name, or your internet address. It’s how people will hopefully remember how to get it.

You only need one domain name to build a website, but there are good reasons to have additional domain names for your business.

To give you an example, my main website is . People sometimes forget the second “e” so I have a misspelling in my domain name too. If someone types it in, it automatically redirects to the right page, so I don’t miss someone looking for me. Now in my case, it’s the same thing that there are some other Joe Edelmans who are also photographers. When it comes to domain names… I don’t like these guys because I have most of the Joe Edelman domains. I bought them. to ensure there is no confusion. If someone types in Joe Edelman as a domain name, using one of these extensions, they will find me, not anyone else. Now I’m not saying you should do this, but it’s a consideration. .

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You don’t need to build a separate website for each of your domains. You simply submit the additional domain to your main website.

Traditionally, a .com domain extension is thought to be the most important thing to have, especially if you are running a business. This philosophy is changing rapidly. Part of the reason is that domain.com extensions are running out. It is difficult and difficult to find available.com names that suit your needs. Most importantly, we currently have over 600 free domains. Things like .pizza, .life, .guru, .xyz, .guri, . sex and of course, .camera, .photo, .image and one you might not associate with photography, .space. This new site extension is very targeted. Domain extensions like .image and .image .site are aimed at the creative community of designers, photographers and videographers, and since it’s new, there are still plenty of good domains available.

Sure, I don’t have 600 plus domain names, but I do have all the relevant ones. These new extensions like .image, .image and .space are quickly becoming popular and people are starting to recognize them as a place to find photographers. .space in particular is quickly becoming a popular domain extension for photographers, artists and designers.

Web Hosting For Photographers

In my case, photos. It brings up my portfolio page. It brings up my main site and blog. www.togchat.com takes me to YouTube live shows, www.togswag.com takes me to an online merchandise store… well, you get the idea. All other domains that are forwarding to one of these domain names.

Website Services For Photographers

It is important to note that you can also have subdomains. The subdomain would be something like http://blog. or http://store.. www, is replaced by blog or store or whatever you choose. A subdomain can look, feel and function like your main website or it can look, feel and function like a completely different site. Your ability to use this feature is limited by the company that hosts your website. Most website template companies don’t offer this as an option, so I’m just mentioning it so you’re aware of the option if you decide to manage your site – more on that in a minute.

Use your name. Your clients are hiring you, not a big company, not a team, they are hiring someone and you are a big part of the hiring decision. Don’t think it’s all about your image. So I suggest you use your name.

Keep it as simple as possible. Don’t include the keyword in your domain name unless someone else knows your name better. Even then, instead of adding the word photographer to the name, consider using the .photo or .extra space.

There are no numbers or symbols. These things confuse people. When they hear your domain name, they don’t know if you’re using the number 6 or a spelled six, not to mention it’s easy to forget the map.

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Use Private Registration. When you buy a domain name, you are asked to provide details such as your address, email and phone number. This information is added to a publicly searchable database called Whois. So if you don’t want your address and phone number included in this database, there is a service called private registration that allows your personal information to be kept private. Of course, this service has an additional fee.

You purchase a domain name from companies referred to as domain name registrars. Perhaps one of the biggest is GoDaddy.com. GoDaddy is registered to sell almost all available website extensions. A domain name can cost anywhere from an average of $12.00 per year to thirty dollars or more per year depending on the extension. GoDaddy will regularly run sales where you can get your first year of registration very cheap. GoDaddy is the official registrar of the .space extension.

The private registrar I mentioned gives an extra $8-10 a year depending on the registrar.

Web Hosting For Photographers

For this reason, I recommend using Google Domains as your domain name registrar. The reason I recommend Google is that they keep it simple and cheap. To register a domain for one year costs $12.00. Private registration is nothing; they add it for free. The only thing that is bad about Google is that they don’t do much about domain extensions. So they can’t register .image or .space domains – you have to go to GoDaddy or another registrar for those.

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Full disclosure: .space allowed me to mention their domain extension in the video above. I want you to know that I own a .space domain that I paid full price for before accepting this sponsorship. I bought mine because I was aware of the growing popularity of creative space.

Now that you have at least one domain name and are ready to build your website… where do you start?

If you have the time and patience to maintain your website, you can use a platform like WordPress. I don’t mean free WordPress.com – I mean using a web hosting service like GoDaddy and WordPress software to create your website. While this gives you more control, it requires more effort and more detail than most of you will need. If you want to see a WordPress site in action, you can check it out on my website. It’s built on WordPress and hosted by a company called SiteGround, which I prefer over GoDaddy and most other hosts. I’ve had less than great customer service experiences with GoDaddy over the years and I believe it has a lot to do with the size of the company. SiteGround is a small web hosting company with servers located all over the world and excellent customer service.

Beware of companies offering FREE websites. Companies like WIX have great marketing campaigns and let you build a simple template website for free, but then they’ll put ads all over your site.

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