Internet Filtering Software For Business

Internet Filtering Software For Business – Did you know that according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, approximately 70% of children are accidentally exposed to pornography each year? As children have more access to smartphones and technology at home and at school, internet filtering software becomes more important. With Net Nanny’s real-time content filter, parents can now see and control their children’s online activity with easy-to-use parental controls.

Learn how to filter the Internet for Windows, Kindle Fire, Android, and iOS devices with Net Nanny’s Family Protection Pass.

Internet Filtering Software For Business

Internet Filtering Software For Business

Takes parental control software beyond what traditional website whitelists and blacklists can provide, allowing parents to adjust their child’s online activity at the content category level. A whitelist is a list of websites that have acceptable content, while a blacklist provides a list of websites that should be blocked due to adult or inappropriate content.

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Many of the whitelists and blacklists available online quickly become outdated as countless new sites are added to the Internet every day. However, with Net Nanny’s advanced Internet filter, sites are filtered every time a page is loaded in real time, so you can protect your family’s Internet activity instantly. Online Nanny

Also allows parents to create a blacklist of websites you don’t want children to visit.

Uses technology to check the content of every website your child browses in real time without slowing down their computer or mobile device. When you enter a URL and press enter, our advanced filtering technology evaluates the content of the website in the context in which it is used.

Relies on the latest technology to check the content of any website you visit – every time you browse and in real time. Why is it important? The Internet is constantly changing as websites are updated daily and thousands of new user-generated websites are added worldwide. Families and responsible individuals deserve an adult content filter that keeps up with these constant changes.

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Our advanced filtering technology can even evaluate the content of a website in the context in which it is used. For example, Net Nanny’s internet filter can distinguish between the use of the term “breast” when used in a medical or clinical context (eg, breast cancer) or when used to discuss cooking (eg, chicken breast) versus the term “breast”. adult or sexual context. Online Nanny

Recognizes the contextual use of words and either allows or blocks websites based on settings tailored to each individual user.

Net Nanny’s content filtering software also uses the latest technology to scan websites and other content that changes frequently – every time a web page is updated. Online Nanny

Internet Filtering Software For Business

Checks website content instantly and all web pages are classified according to the content displayed as each page loads for viewing.

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, you can be sure that you have the best protection available to protect your children from online dangers. You are in full control of the settings that control the monitoring and appropriate filtering of children’s devices.

Unlike most Internet filters that block entire websites, Net Nanny’s award-winning technology analyzes every web page visited, except for the content of certain applications. Our advanced internet filter then determines in real time whether it is safe for your child based on your pre-defined class guidelines.

Finds that your child may be in a dangerous situation, such as hate speech, pornography or bullying, you will be immediately alerted. Net Nanny’s internet filtering technology monitors every web page your child visits as they search and browse, and either allow, alert or block based on user-defined settings. Net Nanny’s alerts and reports give parents the flexibility to decide what type of content is appropriate for each user in your family.

Is the only product that can protect your child – at home or at school, on apps or on websites – you can know they’re safe with the best internet filter available.

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Monitors every web page you visit in real time, and its porn blocking software removes the element of surprise from the Internet. Net Nanny’s top-rated parental control software protects children from exposure to inappropriate content with real-time Internet filtering. Our parental control software makes online browsing safe for your whole family.

Net Nanny’s web filter lets in the good content you want to use, while keeping out harmful and inappropriate sites, so your family can use the Internet without fear of accidental exposure to unwanted material.

, you can set each user’s profile to view, alert or block the following types of websites that contain this type of content:

Internet Filtering Software For Business

We offer pre-set monitoring features that can be modified to suit the individual needs of each family member. In addition to curbing occasional porn exposure, adults can use our online filtering for home use to determine their liability for gambling and pornography addiction. Because the Internet is full of adult and inappropriate content, reliable and advanced porn blocking for children and individuals is important to protect you and your family from unintentional exposure.

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You’ll have peace of mind knowing your family is protected with the best internet filter on the market. NEW: Inside the Sweeps podcast breaks down barriers surrounding suicide with messages of hope, help and healing AfricaCom is around the corner! November 8-10. Come see us! An ardent supporter of child safety, manifested in the Philippines’ new anti-OSAEC law. Come and meet us at EDUtech Asia Singapore. 8.-10. November

NFilter is a software-based internet filtering platform that uses AI-based dynamic classification to scan, sort and analyze content in real-time. Simply put, it’s the industry’s fastest and most accurate web and content filtering solution. It is also easy to manage and deploy, adaptable to any network environment, highly configurable and cost-effective.

NFilter protects users worldwide from harmful content and evolving cyber threats while helping school districts, public agencies, telecommunications companies and governments comply with complex regulations. As new programs, including social media, grow in number and influence, nFilter provides a flexible solution that enables digital access and collaboration while preventing online threats such as CSAM, ransomware and disinformation.

Unlike other web filters that only detect list-based static URLs, nFilter’s dynamic technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to proactively block new, unknown threats. It scans and filters content from billions of websites, adds that information to our unique Category Naming Service (CNS) database for classification, and allows or blocks URLs in real-time, at scale. This provides the most up-to-date and accurate website and content filtering that protects users from unwanted or illegal content such as CSAM, cyberbullying, malware/ransomware/phishing attacks, online radicalization and more.

Https Web Pages Filtering

Telecommunications and authorities need efficient, secure network and content filtering that does not affect network latency. nFilter provides speed, scalability and reliability for demanding networks without compromising traffic or performance. As an aviation-level solution, it can support network filtering with several 100G links in a cost-effective manner.

NFilter allows administrators to delegate control of filtering policies to teachers, administrators, authorities, or other stakeholders within a school, agency, business, or government. This gives non-administrators, who are more familiar with the day-to-day content needs of specific groups, the flexibility to set policies that apply to them. Centralized management capabilities enable simple, common policy management and enforcement across multiple networks, saving time and cost.

With detailed social media controls, nFilter gives administrators the flexibility to control access to apps like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. They can apply policies to specific criteria such as age/grade level, job title, business group and time of day, enabling appropriate or relevant access without compromising compliance or productivity.

Internet Filtering Software For Business

As a multi-tenant solution, nFilter saves time and money in terms of maintenance and IT resources, increases efficiency and simplifies overall management. Its software-based technology supports the management of multiple schools, departments, subscribers and other user groups through a single deployed solution.

Net Nanny® Internet Filtering Software

Scans and filters content from billions of websites, adds that information to our CNS database for classification, and then allows or blocks URLs in real-time, at scale.

Delivers speed and reliability for high-demand networks without slowing down traffic or performance; can support network filtering with multiple 100G links.

Allows administrators to delegate control of filtering policies to another person or group within a school, agency, business, or government.

Allows administrators to control access to apps like Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok while applying flexible policies based on specific criteria.

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Our trained experts ensure smooth installation and commissioning of the product and adapt your solution to suit your filtration requirements. In addition, our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing network infrastructure. Do you have any questions? Technical support is ready to help online or by phone.

Extend network filtering and digital monitoring to remote devices (Windows, Mac OSX, Chrome, Android and iOS), even when users are not connected to the filtered network. nClient works seamlessly with nFilter, so devices are managed with the same central policy. All filtering is done on the device, so no VPN is needed.

Seamlessly integrating with the nFilter core, onGuard uses active system monitoring, including optical character recognition, to scan content and detect risky activity in real-time. If potential risks are detected, an alert is sent to the address

Internet Filtering Software For Business

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