How Much Does Cloud Cost

How Much Does Cloud Cost – In 2009, I started my PhD research to focus on the decisions that had to be made for an organization to adopt the public cloud. It includes the benefits, risks and costs of using the system. My goal was to create an objective sales tool that would help decision makers during the process.

Over the past 13 years of cloud computing, many things have changed, but two things have remained constant:

How Much Does Cloud Cost

How Much Does Cloud Cost

Back in 2012 when we built PlanForCloud (the tool mentioned above), we tracked 10,000,000 cloud providers. Today, as part of the new launch, the Cloud Value API tracks nearly 4 million points.

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To see why there are so many price points, let me use an example. At the highest point of the Cloud API price are the cloud providers: AWS, Azure and Google. Each provider has several services (computing, storage, networking, etc.). Each of these also has a completely different structure, and this is where the complexity increases to a large extent.

Let’s say I want to run an application on an AWS EC2 instance. First we need to select the model type. Depending on your region there are 5 different families. Among these sample families are 438 types of samples. Now we have to choose the operating system, of which there are about 16. Now we select our AWS region, there are about 26 of them. Finally, we have to decide how to buy and pay for the samples. Options are required, upfront pricing (for terms and time you are willing to pay in advance), or perhaps a fixed pricing option. That’s a little over a million dollars for the EC2 option I mentioned here (438 x 16 x 26 x 6 = 1,093,248 – that’s an easy way too).

Since it is difficult to increase significantly over time, it is not possible to manually calculate the effect of changes in the infrastructure. In 2012, I remember many companies trying to calculate possible costs for the cloud using a spreadsheet. Now such an effort is in vain.

Here’s how it goes. Someone in the finance or management team is surprised by a long bill. They need to understand what is happening and that task requires a structure that only the construction team has. First, engineers are pulled out of the current casting process to respond to a “happening” problem. Then they are responsible for figuring out how to fix it, which usually comes in the form of a change that has to go through the release process (test, send to stage, then to prod) all the way to change the system. make it better. cloud price’.

Report: Cloud Cost Visibility Is A Major Problem For Organizations

This weakness is not easy to fix. There is no simple tool/product or process you can run to fix it. It will always be about green talk. But any solution we try has to start with the engineers because they have the structure and the key to solve it.

We started an open source project called (GitHub Connect), sitting in a CI/CD project (GitHub Projects, GitLab CI, Atlantis, Azure DevOps, etc.), and after analyzing the Terraform code, we put an idea with detailed costs for reducing operational changes in the first place. This ensures that the engineers know how the changes in the code will affect the cost of the cloud, which millions of costs will be affected, and can set expectations and manage the big changes that will come to the bill.

Since 2009 I have had this inappropriate behavior and sky-high pricing! I love reading and discussing it and finding solutions that have worked and what hasn’t. If you want to connect with me and chat, here’s Twitter and LinkedIn. If you want to give it a try, here’s how to get started. We use cookies to provide the best possible experience on our website. To learn more, visit our Privacy Policy.

How Much Does Cloud Cost

If you use public infrastructure and platform services, I hope you’ve considered taking a cost reduction tool. You’ve been told your cloud is a waste of time, and you want to address it. I’m also sure many dealers have told you they can help with that. But to what extent? If cost management and optimization are becoming the “tables” in the cloud management market, there can be significant differences in the capabilities of each available solution. Some solutions can only draw on the surface and report idle time – when the CPU has been less active in the last week or so. But these answers let you figure out the rest. Other solutions can automatically implement a model of the truth that has rights to species, families and regions, using AI-based recognition methods and ML.

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Cloud providers and other provider investors are investing in developing capabilities to develop public cloud services. In these difficult times, you can ask yourself: what equipment will really allow me to save the most while reducing the impact of the process? The good news is that Gartner has published a study to answer this question, and it’s available at now.

My colleague Brian Adler and I have just published the following two research papers, both of which are available behind the scenes:

The documents provide a one-sided comparison of each response based on a common set of parameters. Important examples include rights accounting, termination of storage rights, use of unused assets and portfolio management. For each criterion, traders are graded as “Low”, “Medium” or “High”.

Gartner’s clients can use two research papers to understand what you can do with built-in tools and what gaps you can fill with third-party tools. In addition, clients can use the provided metrics to evaluate the potential of another generic tool for cost effectiveness not included in the research.

Choose The Best Hybrid, Private Or Public Cloud Manage Services

This study is part of a series of benchmarks we have published to evaluate tools in various areas of Gartner’s portfolio. Read the full research report if you want to know the results of this comparative review. You can also arrange a conversation ([email protected]) with myself or my colleague Brian Adler if you would like to have a private conversation about our research. If you can’t find this survey and would like to, I’m sure your Gartner representative will be more than happy to help.

Finally, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@meinardi) or connect with me on LinkedIn for updates on my research. We look forward to talking with you!

Gartner’s website provides an opportunity for Gartner analysts to test ideas and develop research. Because the content posted by Gartner analysts on this site is not subject to formal data review, any views or opinions expressed herein are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily represent the views of Gartner, Inc. or its management.

How Much Does Cloud Cost

Gartner’s insight is on its way. Look out for a confirmation message to verify your account.

Why It’s The Time To Prioritize Cloud Cost Management

We hope you have found what you need. To learn more about Gartner’s offerings, contact our Customer Engagement team. The thing is, it’s not just the cost of the cloud, but the additional software, professional services, and the work of your team.

We have delivered cloud solutions for over 6 years in a number of industries, technologies, industries and geographies. It makes it easy for us to negotiate project pricing, cloud pricing and all aspects of your project pricing.

However, it is only based on our experience, so the estimates may vary to some extent. Why? Because the prices here are based on estimates, and there are many variables.

The final price always depends on many factors and the company’s needs. I will try to cover and explain it in this guide so you can have an idea of ​​what it might look like in your case.

The 11 Best Cloud Cost Management Tools In 2022

A typical organization starts a cloud project with a selection of partners. It allows you to move quickly and use the experience of someone who has done it before.

In some cases, partner support may also come with your reseller package – either in connection with the cloud purchase or through project support.

It will vary across sectors, as in some countries T&M is the standard way of doing it. But here are some general guidelines.

How Much Does Cloud Cost

That’s a good question. We understand that hourly rates can vary widely depending on industry, condition and market demand

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Generally, you can expect an hourly rate between $60/hour and $180/hour, but it depends on many factors. What affects these prices?

You can expect different prices for junior level people who provide well-defined tasks (low price) and senior/architect level people, who can define a general task and break it down into smaller parts (higher price level).

There are simple cloud implementations

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