Does Web Hosting Include Email

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Creating a personal email address for you and/or your organization is a great way to look more professional and better organize your email communications. But at the same time, it is an additional cost, so you need to ensure that you do not spend more than you need to on email hosting.

Does Web Hosting Include Email

Does Web Hosting Include Email

Fortunately, there are cheap email hosts that can help you host your mailbox for $1 a month. If needed, you can also add more mailboxes to your team members’ accounts.

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Most web hosting providers also offer free email hosting, which is a great way to save money by putting it all together. We recommend Bluehost. Bluehost not only provides hosting for your website, but also a free domain and unlimited email accounts and email storage for $2.75/month (usually $9.99/month) with special offers.

Before you begin, consider whether you need a separate email host. If you already host a website, many web hosts include free email hosting as part of their plan. This usually allows you to create unlimited email accounts at no additional cost to your hosting plan.

Or, if you haven’t created a website yet but plan to do so, be sure to choose a host with free email hosting to kill two birds with one stone!

Our recommendation for most people is Bluehost. For one low price, Bluehost lets you host unlimited websites and create unlimited email accounts using a domain name. By combining them all, you can save a lot of money vs paying separately for email hosting and web hosting.

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In addition, Bluehost has a great start-up experience, with an easy-to-use account dashboard for managing your email account, multiple webmail options, easy connection to your favorite email client, a custom WordPress website builder, and more.

If using one of these hosts is not an option for you, continue reading for cheap email hosts. Alternatively, you can use the button below to go to Bluehost.

Zoho Mail should be first because it’s the only option on this list that offers free email hosting. Yes, there is a forever free plan that allows five users with 5 GB of storage per user and an upload limit of 25 MB.

Does Web Hosting Include Email

Without limitations, the downside of free email hosting plans is that they only allow web access. This means that you must use the Zoho Mail email client – you cannot use a client of your own choice, such as Gmail contacts.

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Zoho Mail’s paid plans are among the most expensive on this list. For just $1/user/month, the Mail Lite plan gives you access to the same 5GB/user limit but access to new features such as:

You can also upgrade to Mail Premium for $4/user/month to get 50GB of storage per user, 1GB of storage, email backup, and a few other features.

In terms of cost per user, Namecheap is the cheapest email hosting provider on this list as the Starter plan costs $0.91 and includes one mailbox. You can get an additional mailbox for 0.74 US dollars.

In this easiest level you have a list of essential features, but it includes everything you need to have a custom email address:

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Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is on the cutting edge of cheap email hosting. However, we included it because it provides more value than that

Email hosting. If you use this alternative service, it may still be “cheap”, even if the monthly price is higher than other services.

First, using Google Workspace (G Suite) allows you to use Gmail for your personal email address. There are solutions that allow you to use POP3/IMAP to use Gmail on other cheap email hosting providers, but Google Workspace (G Suite) is the easiest way to access Gmail with your own domain name. Using Google Workspace (G Suite) removes ads from the Gmail interface.

Does Web Hosting Include Email

Second, you will also get special access to all Gmail apps for your account including Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc. If you are part of an organization, you can easily share data between your entire organization.

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Access to Google Workspace (G Suite) starts at $6 fixed/user/month. Google also recently launched a new Google Workspace Individual plan aimed at solo users and starting at $12/month.

Rackspace Email isn’t as cheap as some of the other email hosting providers on this list, but it makes up for it with lots of features and high storage limits. In this regard,

All plans also get unlimited names, group lists, and sending rules, as well as spam/virus protection, no ads, and free email migration.

If your free .com domain costs at least $10, you get free email hosting. In addition, you can still use your own email client and sync your email across all devices. You can also stick to IONOS Internet e-mail.

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The downside is the 2 GB storage limit. To upgrade, you can use the Mail Basic 1+ plan to expand it to 12 GB for $4 per month.

If you’re part of a team, you can also use the Business Mail plan which increases storage to 50 GB per mailbox and gives you team collaboration tools, such as email and a shared calendar. The cost of the team plan depends on the number of users you have:

Greatmail is the cheapest email hosting provider if you need to host multiple users because it’s $1 per mailbox, which is one of the cheaper prices per user on this list. However, it is not a good option for individuals or small teams because the minimum commitment is $15 per month (including 15 mailboxes).

Does Web Hosting Include Email

With the $1/user/month Standard Edition, you’ll get reliable email with IMAP/POP3 so you can use an email client with cloud protection and spam, virus, and malware protection.

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For more features, you can upgrade to Groupware Edition for $3/user/month to get access to a feature that lets you sync email, calendars, and contacts with all your devices that use Exchange ActiveSync, CalDAV, and/or CardDAV.

Before we get into our top budget email hosting recommendations, let’s take a look at some common questions you might still have…

A hosted email service is a dedicated email service that runs an email server for you. You can use this email server to send and receive email using your own email address – eg.

You can get cheap email hosting for less than $1 a month, or even free in some cases. Generally, around $1 per user per month is a rough starting point for a budget email hosting service.

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At the budget end, most people will use a shared email hosting service, which allows you to share server resources with other users. By sharing resources, you can reduce costs.

Another option is a cloud email service, which allows you to host your mailbox on an external cloud hosting service. Common examples here are Google Workspace (G Suite) and Microsoft 365 (Office 365).

At the highest level, you have a business email service. It’s expensive, but they usually give you a dedicated server to host multiple mailboxes. Or, in some cases, you can also host a business email server using the cloud email method.

Does Web Hosting Include Email

Most of the cheap email hosting providers in this article use a shared email server approach, although some use some form of cloud email.

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If you are looking for free email hosting with a custom domain name, Zoho Mail is the best choice for you. Although you can find many free email services that allow you to use the service’s domain name (eg, Zoho Mail is one of the few options that allow you to use your free email domain name. empty.

Of course, with all these email hosts, you still need a domain name to set up your own email address. We have additional tips on how you can get a free email domain name, as well as a guide on how to buy your own domain name.

Do you have questions about finding the best email hosting provider for your needs? Let us know in the comments!

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Does Web Hosting Include Email

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