Data Storage Cloud Services

Data Storage Cloud Services – Google Cloud Services is a collection of compute, networking, storage, big data, machine learning, and management services that run on the same cloud infrastructure that Google uses internally for YouTube, Gmail, and other end-user products.

Google Cloud provides users with computing and hosting capabilities where you can choose to:

Data Storage Cloud Services

Data Storage Cloud Services

Compute Engine is an unmanaged computing service from Google Cloud. It is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) service that provides virtual machines (VMs) hosted on Google’s infrastructure. After creating a compute engine, users can perform many tasks, such as:

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AppEngine is a PaaS (Platform As A Service) provided by Google Cloud for building scalable web applications and IoT backends. It automatically adjusts the application based on the traffic received. It provides users with integrated services and APIs such as Datastores, NoSQL and User Authentication API.

It is a function-as-a-service (FaaS) offering that provides a serverless runtime environment for building and connecting cloud services. It is an event-based asynchronous computing solution that allows users to create microservices (small, one-time-use tasks) that respond to cloud events without the need for an explicitly managed server or desktop environment. ‘execution. It can be written in JavaScript, Python 3, Go or Java.

It is a powerful cluster manager and balancing system for running Docker containers. Kubernetes Engine schedules your containers in the cluster, keeps them healthy, and automatically manages them based on user-defined requirements.

Container Registry is a private Docker repository for managing Docker images and works with popular serial delivery systems. With granular access control, customers can control who can access what.

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Cloud Storage is an object storage service in the Google Cloud. An object is immutable data that contains a file of any format. These things are stored in containers called buckets. All buckets are associated with a project, and you can group your projects under an organization. Similar to an S3 bucket in AWS.

It is a fully managed database service that allows the user to create, configure, use and manage MySQL and PostgreSQL relational databases in the cloud.

Cloud Bigtable is a high-performance Big Data NoSQL database service designed to support very large workloads with consistently low latency and high throughput. It easily integrates with popular big data tools like Hadoop and Spark and supports the open-source, industry-standard HBase API. Google uses Bigtable to power services like Google Search and Gmail.

Data Storage Cloud Services

A NoSQL database that stores data in JSON documents (similar to MongoDB) and is automatically indexed to query individual attributes. It provides an elastic and highly available document-oriented database as a service. It can store terabytes of data.

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It is a service that provides SSD and HDD storage that can be attached to instances running in Compute Engine or Container Engine.

Cloud Spanner is a globally distributed relational database managed with ACID transactions, strong consistency, SQL translation, horizontal scalability and high availability features.

Network connectivity is one of the foundations of Google Cloud Platform services. These services help users load balance traffic between resources, create DNS records, and connect existing networks to the Google network. Types of network services available:

Provides a set of network services used by VM instances. It provides a private network with IP assignment, routing and network firewall policies to create a secure environment for deployment. Each VPC project has a default network. Users can create additional networks within their projects, but networks cannot be shared between projects.

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It is the process of distributing workloads across multiple computer resources. Load balancing allows applications to scale according to user needs, to balance the load of computing machine resources in one or more regions. This reduces resource costs and increases maximum availability.

Cloud DNS is an authoritative, scalable, reliable and managed DNS service running on the same infrastructure as Google. It translates domain name queries into IP addresses and provides a user interface, command line interface, and API for publishing and managing multiple DNS zones and resource records. It is low latency, high availability and cost effective.

A CDN is a geographically distributed network consisting of proxy servers and their data centers. The network uses globally distributed edge caches to accelerate content delivery for websites and applications served from Google Compute Engine.

Data Storage Cloud Services

Cloud Interconnect’s cloud platform enables customers to connect to Google through enterprise-grade connections with higher availability and lower latency than their current Internet connections.

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Big Data Services enable users to process and query big data in the cloud to find faster solutions to complex questions. Google Cloud Platform offers various Big Data services such as:

Cloud Dataflow provides a set of managed services and SDKs that can be used to perform and release data processing tasks. It works well for high-volume computing, especially when processing tasks can be easily divided into parallel workloads. It is also suitable for Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) operations.

It is an asynchronous, serverless, reliable, scalable real-time messaging service. Its use is not only related to Big Data, but it can also be used to integrate application engine and computing engine.

It is a managed Spark and Hadoop service used to process large datasets using the powerful and open tools of the Apache big data ecosystem.

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Cloud DataLab is an interactive Jupiter-like notebook for exploring, collaborating, analyzing and visualizing data. It is integrated with BigQuery and Google Cloud Machine Learning for easy access to leading data processing services.

AI Platform offers a variety of machine learning (ML) services. Users can choose APIs that provide pre-trained models optimized for specific applications, or build and train models using the managed TensorFlow framework. Google Cloud provides a variety of APIs that allow users to use Google’s ML without building or training their own models.

It is a managed service that allows users to build machine learning models based on popular frameworks like TensorFlow.

Data Storage Cloud Services

Cloud AutoML is a machine learning product that allows developers with little experience in this field to train their high-quality models using transfer learning and Google’s neural architecture.

Data; Storage And Retention: Google Cloud Storage

It is a REST API used for image recognition and classification. It allows users to integrate visual recognition features, including image tagging, face and landmark detection, optical character recognition (OCR), and more.

It is a REST API for converting audio to text that supports over 110 languages ​​and variations to support the client’s universal user base.

It allows users to quickly translate source text into hundreds of supported languages. Knowing the language helps when the source language is unknown.

Identity and security is one of the most important features of Google Cloud, knowing that your data is safe and encrypted.

Storage Services At The Edge

Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) can be defined as a framework of policies and technologies to ensure that authorized people in an enterprise have appropriate access to technology and resources.

This is a web security scanner for common vulnerabilities in App Engine applications, such as cross-site scripting (XSS), flash injection, mixed content, and outdated or insecure libraries.

Management and development tools are used by developers and development teams to be productive as they write, run, monitor, and debug applications hosted in Google Cloud.

Data Storage Cloud Services

Google Stackdriver provides real-time monitoring, logging, and diagnostics on GCP. It offers metrics, dashboards, alerts, reporting and tracking features.

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It is a native mobile app that allows customers to manage core Google Cloud services and provides resource monitoring, updating and actioning capabilities.

Manages Google Cloud resources and applications with command-line tools and libraries. The Cloud SDK contains gcloud, gsutil, and bq command-line tools, including Compute Engine, BigQuery, etc.

It is used to create and manage cloud resources with simple templates. Declaratively defines all resources required by applications using YAML.

So these were the services and tools provided by Google Cloud Platform to build applications and perform tasks.

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers new subscribers a 90-day free trial account with $300 credit to get hands-on experience with all Google cloud services. So you can create your free trial account and get started with Google Cloud Learning.

Answer: Cloud SDK contains gcloud, gsutil and bq command line tools used to access various services like BigQuery, Compute Engine, etc.

Answer: Google Cloud uses Cloud SQL, a managed service that allows users to create, configure, use, and manage MySQL and PostgreSQL relational databases in the cloud.

Data Storage Cloud Services

Answer: Serverless services allow users to build, develop, deploy functions and applications as source code, and eliminate the role of infrastructure management.

Where Is My Cloud Data Stored?

Answer: Compute Engine is an IaaS service where users have to create and configure their own VM instances, while App Engine is a PaaS offering where users deploy their code and everything is handled by the platform.

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