Cloud Vps Free Trial

Cloud Vps Free Trial – We have connected with Kamatera cloud provider, which offers free Linux and Windows cloud servers for 40 days.

Step 2 – Click on “Get Started for Free”. A window will appear asking you to enter your credentials.

Cloud Vps Free Trial

Cloud Vps Free Trial

Step 3 – Enter your valid email address, enter your password and click GO.

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Step 5 – Confirm your account by clicking on the link in the email. You should see the Kamatera login page:

Step 6 – Enter your email address and password and click the Login button. You will receive another email from Kamatera with an access code for two-factor authentication:

Step 7 – Enter the passcode and click on the Login button. After you login. You should see the Kamatera dashboard:

Step 9 – Enter your basic information and click Next. You should see a phone verification page:

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Step 10 – Enter your phone number and click Submit. You will receive a 6-digit code on your phone.

Step 11 – Enter the 6-digit code in the box and click Submit. After verifying the phone number. You should see the following page.

Step 13 – Enter your credit card details and click Finish. You should see the following page.

Cloud Vps Free Trial

Note: Because you are signing up for a free trial offer, Kamatera will not charge you for products or services during the first 40 days. Payment details are required during registration to ensure you are not a spammer. This prevents users from signing up with multiple phone numbers and email addresses, allowing them to receive free trial offers over and over again.

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Step 15 – Create your first server by clicking the Create New Server button. You should see the following page.

Set your master password (Write down your master password in a safe place. You will need it to connect to the server)

After entering all the required information, click the CREATE SERVER button. Please wait for some time to create server. After creating the Ubuntu server. You should see Ubuntu Server running on the following screen.

As you can see, is the public IP address of your server. You can use this IP address to connect to the server via SSH or Putty.

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At this point, your Ubuntu server is up and running on the Kamatera cloud. Now you can connect to it via SSH or Putty.

If you’re using Windows on your laptop or local system, you’ll need to use Putty to mount your Ubuntu server.

6. Enter your root username and password and press Enter. After you connect to Ubuntu server, you will see the Ubuntu server console on the following screen.

Cloud Vps Free Trial

If you are using any Linux or Mac operating system on your laptop or local system, you can connect to your Ubuntu cloud server using SSH tool.

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Note: After the free trial period ends. To stop the payment, turn off the Ubuntu server from the Kamatera cloud control panel and remove it.

I am Hitesh Jethva, founder and author of I fell in love with Linux when I started learning Linux. I am a fan of open source technology and have more than 15 years of experience in Linux and Open Source technologies. Invicti Web Application Security Scanner – The only automated vulnerability scanning solution using Proof-Based Scanning™.

The best Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solution gives you more control, security and flawless features to run your website and applications.

It offers you a separate virtual server environment where you can use allocated server resources like RAM, CPU, storage, etc. without sharing them with others.

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Now the problem is that when professionals choose VPN hosting, most of them go with a shared hosting plan or a dedicated hosting plan. The former is good for beginners and affordable, while the latter is good for enterprises but expensive.

If you’re a growing business, shared hosting isn’t enough, but dedicated hosting is expensive and complicated, and you can opt for VPS hosting.

So, if you are looking for such a hosting plan, we have listed the best VPS hosting solutions to make your search easier.

Cloud Vps Free Trial

A virtual private server (VPS) is a container or virtual machine configured to manage physical machines within virtualization technology to provide dedicated resources to users.

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So, a hosting solution where users use VPS to run their website or application is VPS hosting. It is more stable, better performing, more reliable and secure than shared hosting and cheaper than dedicated hosting.

In this hosting, you will share your resources with others like shared hosting, but with fewer people. Also, the server resources allocated to you will be accessible only to you and not to others.

VPS hosting is a great option for game developers and growing businesses whose needs go beyond a shared hosting plan. It is a viable option for SaaS providers, developers, and businesses that require affordable and reliable hosting services.

A VPS replicates various features of a physical server without changing the process or functionality. It is generally used to host websites, web servers, e-mails, databases, and store company and customer files that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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If you want more flexibility, power, and affordability, VPS hosting is for you. You can get better features like dedicated server hosting, but at a lower cost.

With security concerns on the rise, you need to take every precaution to ensure the security of your websites and apps, along with their data. You need to take care of the data of your company and your customers. VPS hosting is useful in this regard.

You can have more security features and install security software and firewalls to make your VPS server more secure and reliable. If there is any impact on the security of another site on the same physical server, your site will not be affected. If your database and files are protected from other users, it means that you have the right solution for your business.

Cloud Vps Free Trial

In this type of VPS hosting, the service provider is responsible for everything from running, configuring and updating the server to maintenance. If you are not comfortable working on a Linux server, ask your hosting provider to sort out your questions.

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If you are a developer or know how to run your website, this option is for you. Here you will have to deal with configuration, maintenance, server management, etc. This will give you more freedom to create the website or app of your dreams.

If you want better control, functionality, security, and value for your purchase, then VPS hosting is clearly a better choice. Now let’s take a look at the best VPS hosting solutions.

Kamatera offers an excellent VPS hosting solution to quickly build your server and deploy your cloud infrastructure. It comes with a 30-day free trial. You’ll benefit from a scalable solution, superior human support, and a simple management console.

Kamatera provides valuable API functions and allows you to customize the server according to your requirements. You can start with a small server and scale according to your growth and updates, or clone existing servers through the management console.

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Kamatera has 13 data centers on four continents with high performance and availability worldwide. Quickly add firewalls, load balancers, private networks, and more. and work on any version of Linux and Windows operating systems.

The camera is reliable and purpose-built with a 99.95% uptime guarantee. Kamatera has a state-of-the-art data center, so you will never face a failure. It also uses the fastest and best 2.7GHz Intel Xeon Platinum/Cascade Lake processors.

Get the fastest network speeds of 40 Gbps per server and run your databases and applications without lag or I/O bottlenecks. Start small and become a robust bare metal machine in one click.

Cloud Vps Free Trial

Choose from server type A, B, T or D, number of vCPUs, operating system, storage, SSD storage, add-ons, public IP, data center, and more. Create your server today for $4/month.

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Accelerate your innovation with accessible, simple and affordable Linux cloud services and solutions. Developers around the world trust Linode to easily deploy storage, networking, and cloud computing in seconds with a full Cloud Manager interface, CLI, and API.

Manage your infrastructure programmatically and access your servers from the command line to improve performance. Linode offers a variety of services including marketplaces, e-learning, machine learning, video streaming, Kubernetes, and more.

With the container deployment engine, you can easily deploy Kubernetes clusters. Get low-latency WebRTC live streaming through Red5 and use GPU-optimized virtual machines powered by NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000. With Linode, data machines can deliver AI, DevOps and data analytics solutions.

With the Linode App Marketplace, you can use fully configured apps in seconds. Enable your eLearning applications from anywhere in the world and get features like DDoS protection, streaming, integrated support and more.

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Linode has 11 data centers in the region

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