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Cloud Software Developer – For most companies, cloud computing is now an integral part of their technology stack. Whether it is part of a hybrid solution or a full transition to hosted services, the cloud has become a cornerstone of digital business.

The move to the cloud is a major departure from traditional enterprise infrastructure, where on-premises servers perform most tasks and store all data. For many companies, this shift has been sudden and widespread, leaving many businesses with a cloud skills gap in their IT organization that needs to be addressed. That’s why professionals with cloud knowledge, including cloud engineers, are in high demand.

Cloud Software Developer

Cloud Software Developer

Cloud knowledge, including computing, security, and architecture, is the most in-demand skill set, according to senior IT executives in a recent Robert Half survey. Learning to be a cloud engineer can be a smart move for people in traditional IT roles, even if it means training on their own.

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Moving from a traditional IT specialization to a cloud-based system requires a mindset shift for many IT professionals. For example, in the cloud there is more focus on automated infrastructure and not logging into a server and not doing everything manually can be a big change. To prepare for action, focus on these four areas:

What types of traditional IT roles are now “converting” to cloud jobs in many organizations? Below are just three examples detailing key job responsibilities:

Systems engineers require advanced analytical, problem-solving and design skills along with in-depth technical knowledge of an employer’s software and hardware. Employers generally prefer candidates who have at least five years of experience in the hardware and software systems used by the company, in addition to a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

For a career as a cloud engineer, optional skills that can increase the initial salary include cloud-related skills such as virtualization and Linux/Unix management.

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The role of the system administrator is changing dramatically as the cloud transforms IT. For example, many system administrators now need to learn programming languages ​​like Python to interact with a cloud vendor’s API.

Network engineers must be detail oriented and have in-depth knowledge of network hardware and software. Typical job requirements are a bachelor’s degree in computer science or electrical engineering and five or more years of experience in areas such as network design and implementation, security, and server and network infrastructure.

How do you progress to a career as a cloud network engineer? Optional skills that can increase the initial pay for this role include cloud-related capabilities such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) management.

Cloud Software Developer

Networking in the cloud is very different from traditional networking. While a traditional network engineer needs to know everything about firewalls, switches, routers and other specialized network components, cloud network engineers focus more on network design because the vast -some cloud providers offer networking as a service. Cloud engineers who specialize in networking may be responsible for overseeing the way rules are implemented in a cloud environment.

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Database administrators need a strong technical foundation in database structure, configuration, setup and implementation. Knowledge and experience in major relational database languages ​​and applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2 are often required. Effective database administrators must have excellent attention to detail, strong customer service orientation, and the ability to work effectively as part of a team.

To find a cloud engineer job specializing in databases, start by integrating optional skills that can increase the starting salary of this position. These include cloud-related capabilities in the Hadoop framework and Oracle databases.

With most cloud services, you don’t need to focus on setting up the database server. Database backup and recovery may no longer apply to your domain. However, you may still need to do things like set up tablespaces, optimize queries, and evaluate and implement table structure changes.

As some organizations are just taking their first steps into the cloud, they need skilled IT talent who can help solve problems and innovate as the company moves to the cloud. Therefore, candidates competing for cloud jobs must be able to demonstrate that they can provide this type of support, even if their professional experience is deeply rooted in traditional IT.

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For example, take something very cookie-cutter in the on-premise world like installing a LAMP (open source web platform) stack and think about how to deal with it in a cloud environment. Then use the tools available to do it so you know it works.

Cloud services will continue to expand and evolve, creating new challenges and opportunities. To become a successful cloud engineer, you need to combine your desire to learn with a driven determination to get things done.

So, what kind of cloud engineer salary can you earn? The latest ​​Robert Half Pay Guide provides insight. The guide lists several average starting salaries for the cloud engineer position and many other IT positions.

Cloud Software Developer

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