Cloud Smart Vs Cloud First

Cloud Smart Vs Cloud First – Maxis addressed the costly currency and tax conversion concerns by becoming the Amazon Web Services billing partner for SDISB.

Over the past two years, Covid-19 has forced even the most unpredictable industries to adapt to change, and last year was the hardest hit for those unable to keep up with restrictions on their movements and workforce – doing remote work like that life jacket. which sustains businesses. will float

Cloud Smart Vs Cloud First

Cloud Smart Vs Cloud First

Budget 2022 indicated that the government is pushing operations heavily on the cloud with the Digital First programme.

Would You Rather Be Cloud Smart Or Cloud First In Government? On Vimeo

There are several different migration approaches a company can take with different models including public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud. Moving your entire company’s operations to the cloud sounds deceptively simple.

But where would you store all this sensitive information? And what kind of online security failsafes would you need in the event of a cyber attack?

Moving “cloud right” is just as important as “cloud first” – according to Maxis Business cloud product leader Amanda Lensing.

Businesses can start off on the right foot with the right cloud strategy as they seek to reduce costs and mitigate security risks. However, without due diligence, overzealous business owners can invest in patchy cloud solutions with quick fixes that quickly become outdated.

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These ad hoc solutions then become a financial burden and can lead to security risks in the transition to cloud computing services and can siphon anywhere from 30% to more than 50% of total IT costs, of according to Lens.

Since cloud computing is quite confusing for the uninitiated, there are still persistent myths that can discourage businesses from making the switch.

Because businesses aim to eliminate shadow IT issues, as Lensing points out, businesses may rush to adopt cloud computing without fully understanding the organization’s future needs.

Cloud Smart Vs Cloud First

Entrepreneurs and businesses also need to consider what model is best for their operations after all – whether it’s a public, private or hybrid cloud. When companies commit to moving to the cloud, they are often under pressure to move quickly (or first), minimize costs, and maximize business benefits.

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As a result, company leaders feel they have to choose between a faster and cheaper “up and change” transition strategy (to move faster and minimize costs), and a time-consuming and expensive re-monitoring strategy (to benefit out of business).

Understanding the growing need for access and control of resources across organizations, Maxis takes a “true cloud” approach, and acts as an end-to-end cloud service provider for its partners.

Take Sime Darby Industrial Sdn Bhd (SDISB) for example. Although SDISB embraced the cloud in early 2018, they faced challenges in their digitization journey.

Maxis Right Cloud is enabled with an agnostic cloud management platform, giving businesses more visibility, insight and control over their cloud resources.

Are You Cloud First Rather Than Cloud Smart?

SDISB had misconfigured their infrastructure, causing delays and downtime, resulting in the non-optimization of SDISB’s e-commerce site in Malaysia. The site faced scalability and security issues that caused periodic downtime and downtime for its e-commerce customers and increased costs for SDISB.

Maxis was able to provide end-to-end and customized solutions to help SDISB improve the performance of its e-commerce site while reducing costs through Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). configuration that simplifies database administration details. and scale. .

SDISB head of digital sales Ganeemathullah Bharudin noted that with Maxis’ level of technical expertise, the company could better manage and improve its cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Smart Vs Cloud First

Their solution eliminated SDISB’s concerns about withholding taxes and currency conversion issues as Maxis helped deal directly with Amazon, so SDISB could focus on analytics, scale and leverage for integration.

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The revamp of the e-commerce site was just one phase of a three-phase plan for SDISB to boost site traffic and functionality.

The security of public cloud infrastructure was perhaps cited by the private sector as one of the biggest concerns and reasons for avoiding cloud adoption. In recent years, however, all major cloud service providers (CSPs) have made significant improvements to their security capabilities.

Today, the CSP business model relies on best-in-class security, and a range of new tools and methods are being developed to secure the cloud.

According to an article from management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, this development is particularly important because almost all public cloud breaches are driven by the security configuration of enterprise customers.

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The main question is not whether the cloud is safer in the first place, but what steps companies or businesses need to take to improve cloud security. This may be particularly applicable to certain industries such as education and healthcare.

Maxis provides end-to-end cloud services from strategy and advice, migration and optimization, security and application modernization to managed support.

In the local environment, Brickfields Asia College (BAC), part of the BAC Education Group in Malaysia, migrated to the cloud in early 2019.

Cloud Smart Vs Cloud First

Maxis Right Cloud was able to help BAC navigate the complexities of cloud adoption as it struggled to fully optimize its cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions Across A Full Stack It Infrastructure

In order for BAC to better manage security risks, Maxis introduced AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF) filters and set rules for the types of access allowed to each page on BAC sites that prevented external networks from accessing get on BAC’s internal network using Amazon Virtual Private. Cloud. (Amazon VPC) and AWS Virtual Private Network (AWS VPN) solutions.

Maxis’ cloud experts also identified BAC’s focus areas and made a cloud-to-cloud migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS). In just a few months, BAC has migrated 50 online learning and student management applications and mobile applications to AWS, more than half of which are managed by Maxis.

It is not necessarily only Fortune 500 companies that can benefit from cloud computing. What is important is that your cloud solution is tailored to your business needs.

Most small businesses are thinking about how to grow, not what to do when there is a crisis.

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Since there are already so many things to worry about when running a small business, planning for anything other than keeping the doors open can be a necessary obligation.

Cloud computing can give small businesses the flexibility and scalability to add tools as needed to keep up with business growth. Moving business infrastructure to the cloud makes it easier to continue operating in a crisis.

In addition, moving to the cloud can simplify a company’s IT department, especially if you use a managed service provider to help with day-to-day tasks like network monitoring and support. This is especially an advantage for small businesses that are more responsive to problems that arise.

Cloud Smart Vs Cloud First

Businesses can leverage CSPs like Maxis to do the work for them. With Maxis’ end-to-end services, businesses can avoid common pitfalls by using professional services to design, build and optimize a cloud strategy.

Why Running Cloud Services Well Matter For The Government

According to information technology (IT) research and consulting firm Gartner, building a cloud strategy requires key stakeholders to jointly consider the following questions:

It’s all about having a “right cloud” strategy that manages and exceeds your business’ cloud needs, be it infrastructure or connectivity.

Having them all in one partner, Maxis, makes the digital transformation journey less daunting when your business has the right building blocks. Technology is the business today. Organizations understand that there is no successful business strategy without an effective cloud strategy. The cloud strategy directly enables business goals such as value, increased agility, improved customer satisfaction, new and improved revenue streams, and constant cost optimization.

With Cloud Smart, the cloud becomes the foundation for business innovation and helps maximize results based on the organization’s unique market conditions, business goals and customer needs.

Seismic Introduces The Seismic Enablement Cloud™

Businesses must stay relevant and stay ahead of the competition by reinventing the customer experience every time. The Smart Cloud enables servicing in all aspects of cloud delivery. This gives organizations an unlimited toolkit to focus on the developer and customer experience at every level through design thinking, extreme automation, and advanced approaches. This also helps you stay aligned with changing market conditions and demands.

A sustainable and resilient business must be built on a digital core that is reliable, scalable and secure. Cloud Smart gives organizations the ability to dynamically build, run and manage this core. It helps bridge the gap between an organization’s physical and digital needs by choosing the right cloud portfolio, agile processes, services, and approaches such as AI/ML-led design thinking, building and automation and agile delivery.

Continuous innovation is essential to creating and maintaining competitive advantage and differentiation for all businesses. Cloud Smart enables the right fit of innovation through a combination of industry-led solutions, emerging technologies, frameworks, partnerships, labs, and a design-driven approach. This helps to reduce waste, leverage ROI, generate new revenue streams/margins and ultimately create a culture of innovation at all levels of the organization.

Cloud Smart Vs Cloud First

The cloud has the potential to generate transformative results for all organizations. Its agile processes and innovative capabilities need to be complemented by a widespread cloud culture to ensure that the desired benefits are not concentrated on a single team or set of people. Indeed, cloud

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