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Cloud Data Solutions – With the rise in popularity of cloud-based applications and data storage, you may be wondering where and how information is stored. Or you may wonder what exactly the cloud is, and how secure it is to store and send information. Cloud computing refers to computer networks used by companies to store and transfer user data as a service. A typical cloud storage system includes a master control server connected to the client computer (ie you) and usually a network of several database storage servers. The advantages of cloud storage include being able to access your data anywhere and anytime and not having to worry about running out of space on your own device. You don’t need to take a physical storage device with you (such as a laptop or removable hard drive) – your data can be accessed from any device and location with internet access. And with the increasing amount of data in the world being created, shared and stored on the internet, this is a real advantage for both individuals and businesses. However, there are risks inherent in cloud storage and applications. While not all providers have the same level of vulnerability, there is an inherent risk of data corruption and loss, as well as data theft, whenever you provide your data to a third party. All data (ie your data) is stored on an array of hard drives on a server which is prone to many of the same errors as storage on your laptop or desktop computer. Additionally, depending on the provider you use, the data center may be based in a different country, or possibly even a different continent. Some of the largest cloud providers have multiple data centers that can be separated from each other in different locations. But do you really need to be concerned with these details? Especially if your only cloud account is social media? A few days ago, an Austrian privacy activist was sent a CD-ROM containing a 1,222-page document when he asked to see his personal data stored by Facebook on its servers. That file, which stretches nearly a quarter of a mile if printed and assembled end to end, gives a glimpse into Facebook’s appetite for the personal details of 1.65 billion users. According to the BBC, the information included the telephone numbers and email addresses of Mr Schrems’ friends and family; a history of all devices used to access the service; all the events he was invited to; everyone who was “friended” (and then de-friended); and archive their personal messages. It also included a transcript of the message he had deleted! The cloud has certainly changed the speed and ease with which we can work and collaborate, especially across different devices and locations—but not without risk. Cloud solutions come in many shapes and sizes – so if you’re not sure which one to go for, ask an IT expert. They will be able to help you navigate the sea of ​​options and find the best one for you. About BTA Do you need an IT expert? BTA is a managed service provider that offers a variety of cloud solutions to meet almost any business need. Call 020 8875 7676 today and an experienced IT expert will be in touch to discuss your unique requirements. Or click the link below to find out why you should choose BTA as your managed service provider.

In recent years, the daily morning commute to the office block has been replaced by the luxury of working from the comfort of our own homes – the modern workforce has…

Cloud Data Solutions

Cloud Data Solutions

One of the main conversations we have with the business is about moving to the Cloud, some of our client’s main issues were initially about cost, downtime, ..built to leverage the -flexibility and economics of the public cloud from day one. Maintain enterprise applications, search between applications and files, and run test/dev instances in the cloud – all through a single control plane.

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Take advantage of the cloud economy by using low-cost long-term storage. Reduce costs with intelligent tiering and deduplicated data archiving.

Combat ransomware with immutable snapshots and encryption at rest and in transit. Get on-demand recovery to increase resilience from downtime.

More than half of organizations have faced ransomware attacks in the last year. Find out how to build an ironclad recovery plan in the Winter Issue on November 16.

Send your structured and unstructured data to low-cost cloud storage in AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud for long-term retention. Optimize cost and intelligent data tiering for Amazon Glacier and Azure Storage Archive.

Cloud Storage Services

Deliver WAN-optimized replication the way you want it – across heterogeneous cloud providers, different regions within the same cloud provider, or cloud-to-premises.

Run self-service applications or just-in-time copies in the cloud for test/dev without impacting production environments with CloudOn. Leverage flexible, on-demand instantiation for simple recovery in the event of an outage.

Keep your applications cloud-native in any cloud with a 100% SaaS solution. Modernize backups and achieve rapid recovery at scale with API-based data protection.

Cloud Data Solutions

Automate SaaS data protection to ensure reliable cross-functional collaboration in Microsoft 365. Protect against data loss with automatic backups and perform rapid recovery to maintain the highest data availability.

Cloud Scale Data Storage To Reach Medical Imaging Storage Goals

Don’t leave your cloud infrastructure unprotected. Safeguard against data loss and enable business continuity with uncompromising data protection for your cloud data, wherever you live.

Gartner® named a Leader in the Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions for the third consecutive year.

Which allows us to seamlessly integrate with AWS S3 and move our applications securely from scratch to the cloud. The elasticity of the cloud allows us to scale our capacity as we grow, whether adjusting retention policies or adding new systems. John Iraci Director of Computing Infrastructure Read customer stories

The main reason for choosing it is its cloud vendor agnostic platform, which prevents lock-in to a specific cloud. We can migrate from tape and adopt a hybrid multi-cloud model. Dustin Brandt Director of IT Read customer stories

What Is Cloud Computing? Definition, Benefits, Types, And Trends

With, we will be able to archive in Azure for 90 days and then push the data to Azure Blob for cold storage. It only takes a few clicks to restore, which is a massive win. Shadrach Kisten Chief Technology Officer Read customer stories

Data sheet with Amazon Web Services Learn how to deliver a simple software solution to automate data protection for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Download the data sheet

Microsoft Data and Data Security Data Sheet Zero Trust with Microsoft delivers cyber resilience for all areas of enterprise data spanning data centers, Edge, Azure and Microsoft 365. Download the sheet data The data sheet for Google Cloud Learn how to provide automated and cost-effective native cloud data archiving. protection for workloads in Google Cloud. See the data sheet

Cloud Data Solutions

When your data is secure, your business becomes unstoppable. Get a personal demo from one of our technical experts. Request a demo

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Get a guided product tour designed to introduce key concepts of the Zero Trust Data Security™ platform. Explore Significant innovations in virtualization and distributed computing, as well as increased access to high-speed internet and a challenging economy, have accelerated the demand for cloud computing solutions. We have built cloud computing services to provide customers with the ability to manage hosted applications, services and platforms based on customer and business needs.

A range of cloud services through locally managed data centers enables your organization to respond more quickly to your business needs while driving greater operational efficiency. Faststream Technology as a trusted IT partner has engaged with the world’s leading IT providers to build a new, secure and flexible computing infrastructure. In addition, our Solutions utilize extensive local customer experience, high caliber IT expertise, and advanced IT infrastructure and local market understanding to develop cloud computing facilities to meet the requirements of -local cloud market.

The access point to the software running on the server is provided by SaaS, which is the most familiar form of cloud service. Assists in software management and third party service deployment.

Like many of our cloud services, PaaS is built on virtualization technology. Basically, we provide a platform on which software can be developed and distributed. Work to handle the server and give the client an environment where the operating system and server software.

Best Unlimited Cloud Storage Solutions

IaaS is self-provisioned, scalable, and available on demand, featuring automated and scalable computing resources with cloud storage and networking capabilities.

Co-Location services enable our customers to host business-critical servers, data, applications, and telecommunications equipment in a secure, reliable, redundant, and scalable IT environment with dedicated enclosures and locks and keys .

Finally, cloud hosting is becoming a common way for companies to manage their IT infrastructure and applications in cloud computing services. The value proposition is too compelling. This is true for their mobile apps as well as their traditional enterprise infrastructure. By making cloud hosting an integral part of your company’s mobile strategy.

Cloud Data Solutions

Resource Pooling and Elasticity: Cloud Computing uses multi-tenancy where different resources are used

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