Cloud Computing Wgu

Cloud Computing Wgu – Las Vegas Review-Journal-File WGU Nevada graduates walk to their commencement ceremony Saturday, May 21, 2016, during the school’s first commencement ceremony at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa.

Western Governors University announced Tuesday the launch of major upgrades to its Bachelor of Science cloud computing program, built in partnership with Amazon Web Services, Inc. The degree program is designed to prepare students with the skills necessary for success and fulfillment in today’s economy. Employers seeking demand for cloud professionals.

Cloud Computing Wgu

Cloud Computing Wgu

WGU’s graduate programs are online and skill-based, eliminating time constraints, allowing working students to study and progress around their graduate program schedules. Students in the BSCC degree program complete their certifications in an average of 18 months and prepare for industry-recognized certifications that include AWS certification en route to their degree.

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“The lack of innovation in technology education has exacerbated the technology skills gap,” said LK Leeds, dean and academic vice president of WGU’s College of Information Technology. “WGU has a deep understanding of the skills employers are looking for, and we will continue to innovate our degree programs and future educational offerings to ensure our curriculum meets the needs of students and employers.”

WGU has partnered with two AWS education programs, AWS Educate and AWS Academy, to update its BSCC degree programs. AWS Educate team members helped WGU program developers embed cloud-specific learning objectives and hands-on experiences into the program to ensure relevance to the needs of cloud employers.

As an AWS Academy member institution, WGU’s degree includes AWS Academy Cloud Operations, a course developed by AWS experts and delivered by AWS-accredited educators. As part of the course, students must also pass the AWS Certified SysOps-Associate exam.

“Western Governors University is a leading innovator in higher education, and we’re proud to deepen our partnership with this new bachelor of science degree in cloud computing,” said Josh Weatherly, director of US education vertical sales and global programs at AWS. “WGU’s skills-based learning model aligns with our belief in the importance of working beyond the skills employers are looking for, while offering the flexibility of distance learning anywhere in the world.” We are excited to help WGU expand its cloud computing capabilities and diversify tomorrow’s cloud workforce.

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Cloud Computing Wgu

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Cloud Computing Wgu

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Cloud Computing Wgu

Demand for workforce cloud skills is growing, and Western Governors University (WGU) wanted to prepare its students to meet the cloud computing needs of the business world. The global cloud computing market is expected to exceed USD 791.48 billion by 2028, which is three times the 2020 market value. This growth is particularly relevant in North America, which has the most mature market for cloud computing, as many organizations have access to advanced IT infrastructure and expertise.

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WGU applied to Amazon Web Services () and worked with educational programs that work with organizations, educational institutions, governments and private sector companies to prepare individuals for high-quality work, reskilling and high-quality jobs. Curriculum, Bachelor of Cloud Computing Program (BSCC). Through this program, WGU equips students with the skills needed for careers in the cloud. “At WGU, our mission is to equip students with the skill sets they need and create immediate value,” said Dr. Andy Ignore, academic program director and associate dean of the College of Information Technology, WGU. “It’s not just about getting a job; It’s also about doing things well and helping us achieve that. “

WGU is a non-profit university based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The university has more than 130,000 students in its four colleges, including the College of Information Technology. All of WGU’s graduate programs, including the BSCC program, are competency-based and fully online, and students study the curriculum at their own pace.

In 2019, WGU launched a BSCC program designed in collaboration with academic programs. WGU teams and meet regularly to ensure that course materials reflect the most up-to-date services. In addition to content alignment, these meetings help WGU provide a consistently high-quality learning experience for its students. WGU educators also receive training. To date, six teachers have completed the training and certification process, with more to come.

At WGU, our mission is to equip students with the skill sets they need to be employable and create immediate value. It’s not just about getting a job; It’s also about doing things well and helping us achieve that. “

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Since its inception in 2019, the BSCC graduate program now has more than 2,300 students. On average, BSCC students take approximately 35 months to complete the degree program, including two certification exams. Up to 20 percent of BSCC program students graduate early, and 16 percent work in roles related to cloud computing, such as cloud solutions architects, DevSecOps engineers, senior network engineers,

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