Cloud Computing Quiz

Cloud Computing Quiz – Cloud Computing – MCQs Question and Answer Basics is specially designed for undergraduate students to prepare for various types of competitive exams as teachers and also for BSCS and BSIT exams so let’s start your preparation now

16. A______ is set up on the Internet and can be accessed by any user who has paid for the service.

Cloud Computing Quiz

Cloud Computing Quiz

25. IT energy consumption in the United States is more than twice ___ percent of the total national energy consumption.

Cloud Computing Certification

34.….is an open federation that provides cloud computing for scientific research using Nimbus.

40. RFID tags can store up to ………… information and consist of a microchip, antenna and battery for active and partial tags.

43. A ZigBee router (ZR) can act as a ________ link that transmits data from end device to end device.

46. ​​Green energy is desired to save energy and reduce the impact of global warming. A major IoT application is

Cloud Computing 101: Frequently Asked Questions

49. Features profile picture, bio information, friend list, user activity, public message board and other selected display areas.

50. The URL type provides a global address space for the resource involved in the process as well as facilitates the discovery of the service. Give details of what you need help with, along with a budget and deadline. Questions are posted and can be 100% personal.

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Cloud Computing Quiz

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Cloud Computing Basics (cloud 101)

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Free Cloud Computing Certification From Ibm: Introduction To Cloud

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Cloud Computing Quiz

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Cloud Computing Ppb Quiz

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What Do You Think? Quiz 3: Cloud Computing Multiple Choice

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Cloud Computing Quiz

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