Business Software Companies

Business Software Companies – Are you looking for the best custom software development company in Singapore? Here is a list of the best and most trusted software developers you can hire in countries that offer full lifecycle software development services.

Founded in 2004, Intelegain has global presence including Singapore, USA and India. It is one of the best IT services in Korea with over 15 years of experience in the fields of mobile and web application development, cloud services, IT manpower reinforcement, UX and enterprise technology services. It has served users worldwide and is known in the industry for driving digital engagement and business value for small and startup businesses. Their customers include Pfizer, Canon, Ericsson, TATA and Share Khan.

Business Software Companies

Business Software Companies

Vinova helps businesses and individuals turn their IT ideas into reality by providing web applications for mobile applications and mobile game development services.

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Vinova has established the brand as a reliable and reliable long-term partner for many existing customers. Vin’s solutions are widely recognized and trusted by more than 15 SMEs in Singapore. Some of its clients range from large companies like Singapore Press Holdings, Tigerbalm and Singapore Safety Driving Center to startups like MoveAide and Chateau Asia.

“We have over 50 developers who are experts in mobile, web, testing, design, server support and specialized technologies (blockchain, automation, machine learning, big data).

“We help businesses and global brands design and develop amazing mobile apps that not only look and work, but are based on solid engineering principles.”

Netsmartz is a full-service IT company that offers a wide range of services and solutions. We are a global market leader in application development services and cloud and IT solutions. We believe that with overall quality and customer satisfaction as our top corporate values, we will exceed our growth goals and build long-term relationships with our customers.

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More than 600 certified software engineers and more than 1,000 team members working in 8 locations worldwide, Microsoft Gold Partnership, CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Magento Solutions Business Partner, GDPR Ready, Netsmartz is a truly quality-focused global software company.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Rochester, New York, our business has achieved consistent annual growth in sales, profitability, customers and employees. We are ranked among the 100 fastest growing companies in Rochester, New York. With over 900 customers and over 2000 completed projects, we have the reliability, experience and scalability to be your ideal partner.

ROCKETECH is a software development company that transforms business into digital form for our customers. The team develops IT products for complex clients and provides a full range of work from pre-project research to development. So far, ROCKETEC has implemented more than 130 projects with large clients in the fields of banking, fintech and more.

Business Software Companies

The company hires experts who are ready to develop IT solutions according to the business logic of your project.

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KAI SOFTWARE INC was founded in 1994 and today we create new software development solutions for data intensive projects.

With experience in the mining industry, KAI Software has been working with large enterprises to automate their work processes for 20 years. Now we are applying this experience to our clients’ projects, including b2b and b2b2c software development.

As a pioneer in providing projects based on blockchain technology in the United States, KAI Software always pursues the latest technology.

Netforth is a leading web and mobile app development company serving the world, helping customers improve efficiency by ensuring their most important business tasks run faster and better than expected. Our digital skills are well-equipped to meet your digital needs, providing our customers with the best web and mobile app development solutions.

Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies

Singapore provider of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions tailored to your business needs. Plexure specializes in consulting firms and implementing CRM and ERP systems for businesses of all industries and sizes (from small businesses to multinationals).

With experience developing and implementing a variety of CRM systems for customers, Plexure is well positioned to provide neutral and sound advice to customers who want to strategically adopt a sound CRM system implementation to achieve their business goals on time and on budget. is on. . At Plexure, we work with our clients to achieve business goals through the tactical application of IT solutions and strategies. Through in-depth process analysis and successful implementation of our CRM system, we improvise business processes for our clients, enabling them to increase operational efficiencies, lower overheads and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

JDA provides end-to-end supply chain solutions that seamlessly connect your supply chain and help you earn more in the omnichannel world. With JDA, you can optimize your retail or product experience by seamlessly delivering to end customers while meeting your revenue goals. More than 4,000 JDA global customers use JDA’s integrated retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions to optimize costs, increase profits and accelerate time to value.

Business Software Companies

In addition to being an avid traveler and book lover, Hari Narayan Singh is also a digital marketing executive by profession.

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Meet Laylo’s Alec Ellin on 5 things you need to rock the industry. IOOGO provides the perfect option for tech startups and individuals looking for a modern tax accounting solution using a fusion of technical and human expertise. By putting the power of AI in the hands of experienced accountants, CFO solutions enable IOOGO to work with startups of all levels, providing services from bookkeeping to complex accounting. Your one-stop shop for everything related to tax and accounting. Co-Founder Kristy Alballero said, “We understand the challenges most founders face when starting a business. That’s why it’s made it our mission to lay the foundation for financial success.” Check out IOOGO on LinkedIn.

Hugo Sanchez founded rThreat to transform the way organizations validate cyber defenses and applied technologies. rThreat is a zero-trust continuous verification platform as a service that challenges cyber defenses using custom real-world threats in a secure environment. This service automates the manual processes used for traditional penetration testing and red-violet team participation. Automation allows you to quickly identify security vulnerabilities so you can focus your security resources on making real improvements. “We test our defenses using real-world threats, an approach that no other BAS vendor has adopted,” says Sanchez. Learn more about rThreat. creates personalized videos at scale. Windsor is a new layer of marketing and sales technology that combines personalized video support with Deepfake AI to create thousands of personalized videos in minutes. Windsor customers have used this technology to integrate video directly into their CRM cadence, convert 3x and drive deeper customer engagement, calling it “Mail Merge for Video.” Windsor is a plug-and-play solution that integrates with CRM tools to automatically create personalized videos from variable field data. “The reach of video is phenomenal, but not scalable. Windsor changes that. Record once and personalize to millions,” said CEO Pranay Prakash.

BrightReps is a code-free process automation software used by businesses to design interactive workflows to solve complex customer problems. The tool integrates with CRM to automate routine manual tasks. BrightReps is used for troubleshooting, employee training and onboarding, return approval processes, regulatory compliance, and more. Their tools automate tasks so employees can focus on the human side of the job. CEO Brittani Dunlap said, “BrightReps operates on a people-first philosophy. “I am convinced that the right people are in the right roles, working for one goal. Empowering every employee on the stage through technology, we will change the future of our profession.”

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Behamics integrates behavioral psychology and AI to influence customers in a minimally invasive way. Technology predicts customer behavior and urges them to act in ways that benefit the business. For example, Behamics helps prevent cart abandonment without discounts or emails, helps customers buy the right products in stores, and enables stores to engage with customers in the process. Valona Xhafe’s Behamics are designed to increase loyalty by reducing returns, encouraging more customers to buy, and building relationships with customers.

Milkenside is a digital design creator who understands that the world is no longer flat. Create emotionally intuitive interfaces for intelligent products. Gleb Kuznetsov and Milkinside create a design language that does more than just interact with users. They partner with well-funded Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 business leaders, and work with smaller companies with similar interests. They believe that product design like storytelling is at the intersection of strategy and art. As Kuznetsov said, “one second of emotion can change the whole reality of the people who deal with a product.”

Juliana Hill has been coding since she was 8 and she created Puppy Playdate Co. — The ultimate combination of pets and social media. The app gives pet owners and pet lovers the chance to swipe right for play dates, dog walks, pets and pet sharing. Juliana is one of the few Latin American women.

Business Software Companies

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