Best Cloud Storage For Sensitive Data

Best Cloud Storage For Sensitive Data – Cloud storage has become an essential part of our life today. Each of us uses it in some way!

If you are a beginner, a free cloud storage service will be sufficient for your needs. But who should you go with? What options are available in the market? Stay tuned because that’s exactly what we’re discussing today.

Best Cloud Storage For Sensitive Data

Best Cloud Storage For Sensitive Data

I have personally used many popular and unpopular cloud storage providers over the years. After extensive research and testing, I am here with the most awaited article – Best Free Cloud Storage 2022!

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In this article, you’ll find my top 12 recommendations for free cloud storage and their main pros and cons. I will also discuss the USP of each cloud storage and who should use it.

So, without wasting any more time, jump right into our list of the best free cloud storage!

With the free Mega Cloud Storage plan, you get 20GB of permanent online storage, which is more than enough for the average user.

Mega recently introduced dark mode in its web client and is also working on improving its user interface.

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You can unlock 5GB of cloud space for each achievement. They have recently extended the validity to 365 days. See the Mega Achievements page for more information.

Mega has servers in New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and France. But it doesn’t allow you to choose the server location.

Mega is a popular cloud storage provider from New Zealand. It used to offer 15GB of free space, but they recently updated and now offer 20GB of cloud storage, zero-knowledge encryption, and good speeds.

Best Cloud Storage For Sensitive Data

Mega is a great free option and perfect for users who prioritize the security of their online data.

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The free pCloud plan offers a decent 10GB of cloud space that you can unlock to do things like create accounts, check email, upload files, and invite friends!

PCloud’s privacy policy is correct. They do not collect much of their user data, nor do they disclose it to third parties.

PCloud allows you to select the data center of your choice during signup. Most users prefer European data centers.

PCloud provides block-level sync and selective sync features that make it one of the best file sync options.

Storing Your Data Securely

You can set passwords and expiration dates for links, configure link pages and upload permissions, and even view link statistics!

PCloud does not provide zero-knowledge encryption with its free plans. If you need this feature, you must upgrade to a paid plan.

PCloud is a Swiss-based cloud storage that offers 10GB of storage space on a free plan, with lightning speed. For users who often need to share files with others, pCloud’s advanced sharing features will be impressive!

Best Cloud Storage For Sensitive Data

Overall, it is one of the best free as well as paid cloud storage options. See my pCloud review for more information.

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If you want to earn more free space, you can participate in their referral program. Send them to 15 people and you’ll get 15GB of extra storage!

All data uploaded to your sync is protected with zero-knowledge encryption. So no one but you can access it.

Sync allows you to set expiration dates and passwords to protect your links. Users do not need to create an account to upload files to shared folders.

Sync is a privacy-focused cloud storage company in Canada. With its free plan, you get 5GB of cloud storage that is encrypted without any information. You can also participate in their generous referral program to earn an extra 25GB of space!

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Overall, Sync will be an ideal solution for users who are more concerned about the security of data stored online.

Its privacy policy seems to be very transparent. Since Icedrive is GDPR compliant, you can also request a copy of the data stored on it!

Icedrive’s free plan does not offer a zero-knowledge encryption feature. To do this, you need to update your plan.

Best Cloud Storage For Sensitive Data

You can set passwords and expiration dates for shared links. Unlike pCloud, you can’t configure upload permissions or check link statistics!

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Icedrive is a new cloud storage company based in the UK. Its free plan gives you 10GB of cloud storage and great speed.

Users who want to enjoy an easy-to-use and attractive interface as well as complete transparency of their online data will find Icedrive a great choice! Check out my Icedrive review for more.

Google Drive is the best solution if you want to work with office files or collaborate with your team members in real time.

As we all know, Google’s privacy policy is highly questionable. They collect a lot of data about their users and then use it to show them personalized ads.

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Since your data is not encrypted without your knowledge, it is always at risk.

Google Drive is a cloud storage developed by Google. It is the most popular cloud solution and most people use it regularly without even realizing it! It provides access to 15 GB of storage space at high speed.

If you need to work or collaborate on office documents with your teams, there is no better solution than Google Drive!

Best Cloud Storage For Sensitive Data

If you want to work with your office documents online, OneDrive is perfect for creating, editing, sharing and collaborating on files online.

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OneDrive is a cloud storage service offered by Microsoft. Its free plan gets you 5GB of cloud storage. If you want to edit office documents online, you can try it! I use it for Office documents and OneNote.

Degoo provides 100GB of cloud storage, which you can increase up to 500GB through referrals or promotions.

Degoo is a Swedish cloud storage that offers 100GB of storage on its free plan. However, apart from the generous storage, there are no other features that make it stand out!

Overall, if you don’t mind ads covering your internet and you can stay active, you can try Degoo Cloud!

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Its mobile app allows you to enable automatic backup of photos, videos, audio, documents, contacts and even messages!

They collect all the data you upload to the cloud and may disclose your personal information to partners, consultants, contractors, vendors, etc.

Even Sync Cloud Storage offers much faster speeds in India than our India Cloud Storage – JioCloud!

Best Cloud Storage For Sensitive Data

JioCloud is a cloud storage service offered by the Indian company Reliance Jio. It is the official cloud service of Jio and is quite popular among the Indian audience. With its free plan, you get 5GB of cloud storage if you are a Jio user.

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I had high expectations from JioCloud because they catered to the Indian audience. But after several speed tests I still experienced slow speeds.

I personally will not use it nor recommend it to my friends. But if you want a cloud storage app to store your files or photos and can put up with its slow speed and questionable privacy policy, you can check out JioCloud.

If you need to transfer large and important files, Tresorit should be your preferred cloud storage provider.

Tresorit is GDPR and HIPAA compliant, so you’ll find complete transparency on the data collected. They also do not belong to the 5-Eye Alliance, which makes them more reliable.

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Tresorit does not have a free file storage plan. You can only use it to send/transfer files.

Tresorit is a security-first cloud storage based in Switzerland and Hungary. Its free plan offers 5GB of transfers backed by zero-knowledge encryption.

Along with this, you also get good upload speed, an easy-to-use interface, and a transparent privacy policy. So if transferring large files with better security is your main need, you can check out Tresorit.

Best Cloud Storage For Sensitive Data

It can be good for saving files, but MediaFire is not ready to be full cloud storage right now!

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Forget zero-knowledge encryption, MediaFire doesn’t even have basic encryption! End-to-end encryption is a critical requirement for any cloud storage platform.

On my connection speed of 100MB/s, it took me 17 long minutes to upload an 844MB video file to MediaFire!

The free version of MediaFire has tons of ads on every page. When you interact with these ads, your information is collected and they show you more ads based on that information.

MediaFire is one of the oldest players in the cloud storage market. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a desktop app yet!

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Launched in 2006, MediaFire is an old service. It offers a decent 10GB storage space. It started as a file transfer service and now operates as a cloud storage. But unfortunately, its performance is below average in both areas.

I do not recommend it. If you only want to transfer files that are not very sensitive and speed is not an issue for you, you can try MediaFire!

GitHub offers 500MB of free online storage, which is decent

Best Cloud Storage For Sensitive Data

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