Azure Cloud Data Centers

Azure Cloud Data Centers – China North 3 will be the first Azure availability region in China to feature multiple zones for high availability applications.

Microsoft plans to release its Azure cloud availability region in China, with the company announcing its second new data center region in Asia in as few weeks.

Azure Cloud Data Centers

Azure Cloud Data Centers

Tuesday’s announcement is part of a long list of news that Microsoft announced this week at its annual Ignite online conference.

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Another Azure datacenter-related announcement on Ignite Tuesday is the general availability of Azure Resource Mover. Microsoft first announced the feature on Ignite last year, and the feature was first previewed at the time. Free features make it easy for users to move workloads between different Azure availability regions.

The new Azure China region offers not only Azure cloud services, but also Office 365, the company said it will make more available to customers in the country, such as Dynamics 365 and Power BI.

China North 3 is the fifth Azure availability region in China and will be the first in the country to have separate availability zones or data centers that can back up each other. This means users can deploy high-availability applications across multiple zones.

Microsoft describes the Availability Zone as an “independent force; Described as a separate physical location of the network and cooling. Every Availability Zone is highly available; It consists of one or more data centers and in-house infrastructure to support mission-critical applications.”

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Today, Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure includes more than 160 data centers worldwide, including facilities owned and leased by Microsoft, a company spokesperson said.

China’s protectionist policies make it very difficult for foreign businesses to operate within its borders. These include providers of data center services and cloud platforms, which have forced the latter to share control of their businesses with local players in the country.

Both Azure and Office 365 in China are provided by domestic data center provider 21Vianet through its subsidiary Shanghai Blue Cloud Technology.

Azure Cloud Data Centers

China and the Asia Pacific region in general represent large growth markets for cloud services and data centers. Market research firm Structure Research estimates that an average of 2,000 megawatts of data center capacity will be added per year between 2020 and 2025, with 40 percent of that amount located in Asia.

Azure Cloud Migration Services

China is Asia’s largest market, but it’s very difficult for foreign players to do business, so the rise of digital services there has primarily benefited local data center providers.

But other Asian markets are seeing rapid growth in data center construction, driven in large part by the expansion of US cloud platforms in the region. This includes Indonesia, a relatively small data center market that is expected to surge in the coming years.

Like North China 3, Microsoft’s upcoming Azure cloud Region in Indonesia will include data centers in multiple locations to provide availability zones for high-availability applications. Microsoft is immersed in providing a virtual view of the world within its cloud data centers. the same data space; Experience in providing network space and operational devices. This tour includes audio, video, and audio to give Internet users a glimpse into Microsoft’s cloud operations. video Data card and simulated central environment are provided.

As many companies significantly limit physical tours of their facilities, Microsoft has created virtual tours to provide remote access to facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tours are an important part of the data center provisioning process, giving customers visibility into where their IT equipment will be and ensuring facility safety and reliability.

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For Microsoft, the purpose of this virtual tour is to describe the physical infrastructure that supports its cloud services, which provide multiple customer services as well as IT hosting services. The virtual data center experience is built on Unreal and its Quincy, It looks similar to the current Microsoft data center design used on the Washington campus.

“(Clouds) are not magical entities, nor are they single supercomputers,” a narrator explains in the introductory video. “The cloud is an interconnected network of millions of computers in data centers around the world that work together to store and manage data, run applications, and deliver content and services.”

For data center enthusiasts; The highlight may be the video that takes the viewer into the server room:

Azure Cloud Data Centers

The journey is to develop an underwater data center; DNA data storage; It offers the opportunity to showcase its innovations in the data center, including video summaries of projects in liquid immersion cooling and quantum computing. This includes mapping the Project Natick data module on the seabed off the coast of Scotland.

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At Data Center Frontier, we’ve tracked the progress of data center deployments over the years, including early adopters like RagingWire in 2016 and regular updates to its data center tours.

I write about data centers and internet sites that tell the people who build them. I founded Data Center Knowledge, the leading news site for the data center industry. I’m now exploring the future of cloud computing at Data Center Frontier. As Microsoft sees an increase in demand for cloud services from its West Coast customer, Goodyear, Construction of the data center will begin at one of two major sites in Arizona. It will host the fifth West Coast cloud availability region.

A Microsoft spokesperson said the company plans to build a data center near Phoenix’s Goodyear Airport, both of which it purchased last year and is about 10 miles from the site it purchased last week.

As part of our plans to support the growing demand for cloud and internet services in Arizona and the western United States, Microsoft recently announced plans to develop a world-class data center facility at Goodyear; Acquired by Microsoft at two locations in Arizona.

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Microsoft made the announcement after AZ Central reviewed a revised site plan for a location provided by local planning officials near the airport, which showed two buildings, but the site would still have three additional floors.

The first planned building for the first phase of development measures approximately 245,000 square feet, with 3,000 square feet of office space. Office space will be 243,000 square feet, with approximately 2,000 square feet of office space.

Microsoft bought 259 acres of land at Goodyear last August from Phoenix-based Carefree Partners for $48 million, according to AZ Central. Last week, the company purchased 147 acres at Goodyear for $37 million.

Azure Cloud Data Centers

Microsoft’s existing cloud regions in the US West include the US Midwest in Utah; US West 2 in Washington State; West US San Francisco Bay Area and US Government in Arizona, according to Build Azure, a site that tracks Microsoft cloud technologies.

Microsoft Azure: The Company Expands The Cloud In China For New Data Centers

In Goodyear, a city of about 80,000 people west of Phoenix, activity by data center makers is increasing. Stream Data Center announced plans to build a data center at Goodyear in February, and Vantage Data Center announced plans to build one in January. It is a world where gamers gather for lessons and virtual meetings, where students and remote workers gather. to build race cars; Healthcare workers monitor the resources needed to defeat the enemy, track COVID-19 patients, and treat them.

This is where companies respond quickly and securely to customer needs, where conglomerates streamline communication between dispersed employees and manage supply chain logistics for product portfolios.

“It’s not magic, and it’s not a single supercomputer,” a narrator explains in a video introducing the new microsite, which takes a virtual tour of Microsoft’s data centers. “The cloud is an interconnected network of millions of computers in data centers around the world that work together to store and manage data, run applications, and deliver content and services.”

The virtual data center experience the company is launching today is an immersive digital tour of Microsoft’s signature data center. Visitors can take the tour via a personal computer or mobile device.

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“It makes the cloud really affordable for people and low-tech, very fake,” said Noelle Walsh, Microsoft’s corporate vice president who leads the company’s cloud infrastructure development and operations team.

Data centers are like homes with electricity and equipment, he added. The Microsoft Cloud operates at a different scale and with greater reliability than any on-premises. The company currently operates more than 200 data centers, and that number is growing. currently, the company’s planned and operating data center footprint covers more than 165,000 miles underwater in 34 countries around the world; Network via terrestrial fiber and metro, spread across 34 countries around the world.

In addition, Microsoft plans to add data centers in at least 10 countries this year, and the company is building between 50 and 100 new data centers in the future, Walsh said.

Azure Cloud Data Centers

The infrastructure needed to build a data center; the infrastructure needed to build a data center; By clicking through to virtual data centers, viewers learn about the renewable energy that powers them and the hardware and software that secures data. Last stop on the way

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